Another Poll, Another Trump Lead, and Hillary Too

Today, WSB TV released the second presidential poll in two days, and it, too, shows Donald Trump with a commanding lead over his GOP rivals. The poll, which was conducted last night by Landmark Communications, also showed Hillary Clinton with a firm lead over all competitors here inthe Peach State.

Here’s how the overall results break down for the GOP presidential candidates:
Donald Trump 34.3%
Jeb Bush 12.0
Scott Walker 10.4
Ben Carson 8.1
Mike Huckabee 8.1
Ted Cruz 5.4
John Kasich 4.5
Marco Rubio 4.5
Chris Christie 2.8
Rand Paul 2.4
Undecided 7.5

The big difference between this one and the Fox 5 poll yesterday is that The Donald’s lead has grown by four points, and Scott Walker more than doubles his percentage, from 5% to 10.4%. Part of the reason for the change can be the margin of error, which is 4%. The other reason could be that only the ten candidates who will appear in tonight’s Fox prime time debate were listed, forcing voters to choose from a more limited menu.

Other anomalies from the crosstabs include very strong support for Trump from African Americans (57.1%) compared to whites (33.2%), and those living outside metro Atlanta (40.2%) to inside the metro (27.3). Those inside Atlanta favored Jeb Bush more than those outside, who tended to favor Mike Huckabee by a larger percentage. Males prefer Trump and Scott Walker by a larger percentage than females, while women are more likely to favor Bush or are undecided.

Here are the results for the Democratic candidates:
Hillary Clinton 55.9%
Joe Biden 16.8
Bernie Sanders 13.9
Martin O’Malley 0.8
Jim Webb 2.5
Undecided 10.1

Here, the crosstabs show us that while unannounced but rumored candidate Joe Biden leads Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (although both are way behind Hillary Clinton), much of the Bern’s support comes from voters under 40 (22.6%) and specifically males inside the Atlanta metro. African Americans favor Hillary by 15 points over Biden, and offer very little support for Sanders. But even the 3.3 % support for Sanders by African Americans is better than the support for Jim Webb and Martin O’Malley combined for all voters.

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