Donald Trump Dominates In Georgia

At least in searches for candidates, as recorded by Google during June and July. The Donald was searched tho for more than any other candidate in 137 of the Peach State’s 159 counties. In 12 counties, another candidate was the most searched for, and in ten, there wasn’t enough data to make a determination.

Ted Cruz was the top searched for candidate in Coffee, Emanuel, Pike and Telfair counties. Oglethorpe and Twiggs counties searched for Ben Carson, while Schley county went for Jeb Bush, Turner county for Chris Christie, Warren county for Bobby Jindal, Butts county for John Kasich, Terrell County for Rand Paul, and Treutlin county for Rick Perry.

For eight of the twelve, Donald Trump was the second most searched for candidate. But, Pike county chose Bush second, while Schley county chose Lindsey Graham. Oglethorpe county’s second choice was Jindal, and Warren county picked Kasich second. The Donald might want to up his game in those four counties.

Second Place Searches in GeorgiaLess face it. Trump is a celebrity, and July was pretty much his month in the sun as far as publicity and popularity goes. So let’s be realistic, and assume his candidacy implodes before Georgia voters go to the polls in March. Then what do we have? The map at right shows a different picture.

In the battle for second place, Jeb Bush dominates with 38 counties, including the Atlanta metro area, Savannah, Augusta and Columbus. The counties Bush came in second have almost 5.8 million people, although admittedly not all will pull a Republican ballot. Behind Bush is Ben Carson, with 22 counties, including metro Atlanta’s Paulding and Douglas, and 958,000 people. Next by population is Ted Cruz, with 629 thousand people and 17 counties, including Bartow, Valdosta’s Lowndes, and Whitfield. Bobby Jindal was popular in 19 counties, but the largest one was Newton, and his counties have 398 thousand people living in them.

Marco Rubio was second most popular six counties, but their population as Atlanta outer counties is 527 thousand. Credit Carroll, Cherokee and Spalding counties for that. Rand Paul was second place in 8 smaller counties with 229,000 p0eople. Lindsey Graham and Mike Huckabee were second most popular in 7 counties with 200 thousand for Graham, and 144 K for Huckabee. John Kasich and Scott Walker each took six counties. Coweta county’s 127 thousand people helped Kasich to a total of 275 thousand people, while Walker’s counties include Gilmer (sorry Joe) and Walton for 173 thousand people.

Former Texas governor Rick Perry is second most searched for in Harris and Toombs counties consisting of 59 thousand people. Tatnall county, with 25,520 people picked Rick Santorum as their second most popular search. At the bottom? Chris Christie, where Appling County’s 18,440 people searched for him second most.

You can view the nationwide map of the most searched for candidates here.


  1. gcp says:

    Not sure you can gauge support by web site hits as candidates such as Huck and Jebby are already well known in Ga. The Jindal number is interestingly high.

    As for Trumpet, much like Hilly, you are either for or against. As other repub candidates drop out, their support will go to candidates other than Trumpet, and he will drop out. He can then call himself a former presidential candidate, a la Herman Cain.

    Paul, whose only Ga. support is Ashley Bell, will also drop out because when you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.

    As for default candidate Walker, he needs to start talking issues and quit telling us he fought unions and survived a recall.

    As for Perry, he may do well in Iowa, if he survives that long.

    Not sure on Christie, he could hang around until N.H. (where he would do well) or may be gone tomorrow.

    And Kasich is not likely to do well anywhere, certainly not in Ga.

  2. seenbetrdayz says:

    It was nice of the NSA to provide this data.

    (just kidding, I know google and other search engines track terms on their own and report trends, and you’re never in trouble unless you say something like ‘terrorist’)

    (oh crap)

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