Morning Reads for the 28th of July, 2015

On this date in 1938, the B-17 Flying Fortress made its first flight. It is also World Hepatitis Day. Either way, something to celebrate. On to the reads!

  • How an Unlikely Hollywood Juggernaut Came to Rule Netflix (Wired)
  • Rain is sizzling bacon, cars are lions roaring: the art of sound in movies (The Guardian)
  • Road Hazard: How the ‘Embarrassing’ Gas Tax Impasse Explains Washington (ProPublica)
  • The Iran I Saw: Far from the nuclear negotiations, a new tech-savvy Iranian generation takes shape. (Politico)
  • Can money buy happiness? It’s true to some extent, but chances are that you’re not getting your money’s worth (WSJ)
  • How Ayn Rand Became Libertarians’ Sociopathic Pixie Dream Girl (Vice)
  • The Science of Stress and How Our Emotions Affect Our Susceptibility to Burnout and Disease (Brain Pickings)
  • Why Is It So Hard to Get a Great Bagel in California? (NYT)
  • The Special Master in Ralston’s case resigns to take a gummint job. (ajc)
  • Large state contractors are big donors to Deal (ajc)
  • While you were sleeping, the MegaLoad traveled Georgia’s roads. (atlbizchron)
  • The various acronyms of the DOT (politico)


  1. blakeage80 says:

    I wonder how much it cost Mr. Turner to move that machine. Sounds like it was an impressive effort.

    • Stefan says:

      So true. I assume they have to pay for the GSP escort. The reality is moving such a machine causes a lot of wear on the roadbed and even more on bridges regardless of how slow they go. I wonder who pays for that?

      • saltycracker says:

        Apparently a barge movement was out. Let the number crunchers begin: overload permits, weight per axle, jobs created, meals from road kill, tax revenue created by such a press……the success is a direct correlation to the number of units of x we guess will be utilized.

        Seriously I passed a vehicle this week with a sign that said Ms. Sallie’s Oversize Escort Services……took a minute to sort that out.

      • xdog says:

        Six weeks ago a Turner load carrying a 250 ton turbine rotor passed through Athens en route to Rome. Turner’s website talks about overdimensional hauling which I suppose is trucker talk for big-ass load. 250 tons would seem to qualify.

        From the link: “The DOT charges a fee for developing routes for oversized loads like the turbine rotor, and while it’s rare for such loads to come through this part of the state, the DOT handles such loads a couple of times a month in and around the state’s ports”.

  2. Lea Thrace says:

    Did no one get pics or video of the megaload traveling? I havent found anything yet. Would love to get a chance to see the scale of the thing.

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