Senate Passes The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015

The Senate voted today 98-1 to approve the Iran Nuclear bill and must now be approved by the House. This bipartisan legislation requires Congressional approval on any final nuclear deal with Iran. Both Georgia Senators supported this legislation and were quick to express their positive sentiments with constituents shortly after the successful vote.

Senator David Perdue released the following statement:

I am proud to support the passage of this bipartisan legislation that forces President Obama’s hand and requires crucial Congressional oversight and scrutiny of any nuclear deal with Iran.

Make no mistake, I believe an international agreement of this magnitude should have been considered as a treaty. President Obama tried to leave Congress out of this process from day one, but with the passage of today’s bill we’ve taken an important step to ensure accountability.

Let’s not lose sight of what’s at stake here – a nuclear Iran. This bill prevents President Obama from having a totally free hand when negotiating a nuclear deal. It prevents President Obama from giving Iran immediate relief from Congressional sanctions and it requires direct reports to Congress on Iran’s terrorist and other illicit activities.

We can all agree that a nuclear Iran is one of the biggest security threats to the United States, the Middle East, and the entire world. We must do everything in our power to prevent Iran from obtaining the world’s deadliest weapon. That includes preventing President Obama from accepting a bad deal with Iran. This bill sends a vital message to the regime in Tehran that the American people will have a say on this deal.

Let’s get this bill across the finish line. Let’s get our say on this deal. Most importantly, let’s prevent Iran from ever obtaining a nuclear weapon. I hope that my colleagues in the House move swiftly to pass this legislation.”

Senator Johnny Isakson, who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, released a statement as well:

This is the single-most important vote any member of this Senate is going to take in a long, long time. A nuclear-armed Iran is a danger not just to the Middle East but to the peace and security of the entire world. Giving the Senate and the House oversight on this agreement is absolutely essential to the American people so they know that they have oversight. We are the eyes, the ears and the conscience of the people we represent.

Here is the video of Senator Isakson urging his colleagues to swiftly pass this bill.

The one vote against this bill was Senator Tom Cotton R-Ark. On Tuesday Senator Cotton and Senator Marco Rubio R-FL (and of course presidential candidate) each made their own push for amendments that proposed to end the nuclear programs of Iran, and a call for Iran to acknowledge Iran’s right to exist. Their colleagues on both sides of the aisle felt as if it was a way to undermine the whole deal, and it forced Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to cut off discussion and send the bill for a vote. Most acknowledged Rubio’s involvement to be a way to bring favor with voters on the campaign trail.