Travis Roberts lives again… Cancer Kicks formally launched

cancerkicksA year and a half ago I had the honor of introducing the Peach Pundit family to a man named Travis Lee Roberts. Since that time #travsarmy helped make the final months of Travis’ life and the months after his passing something incredibly special for Travis, his family, and his friends.

The outpouring of support to get Travis on GameDay in Athens was a campaign lead by Travis’ brother-in-law, Joe Pettit. What Joe accomplished with the help of #travsarmy was nothing short of heroic and showed the selflessness that we should all strive for. Now Joe has taken up another campaign for Travis, and he needs your help once again to help other individuals and their families in their fight against cancer.

“Travis founded Cancer Kicks to help thousands of families, who are not only fighting for the lives, but are struggling to pay their medical bills as well as to raise funds to assist world-class cancer research centers who are dedicated to providing research to finding a cure for Cholangiocarcinoma and other rare cancers that are currently underfunded,” said Joe Pettit, President of Cancer Kicks and Travis’ brother-in-Law.

While I am sure Joe would rather be taking his orders directly from Travis as to how Cancer Kicks should be run, I know that Joe will build the organization into something that makes Travis proud. Take some time today and visit the website and read about Travis’ story from those who know him best. While Travis’ body might not be among us, his legacy of hope and determination lives.

How you can help:

Website: CancerKicks
Twitter: @CancerKicks


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  1. gcp says:

    Just curious but why start another organization to fight cancer? Would it not be more efficient to support one of the well-run established organizations such as Dana Farber, Cure Childhood Cancer or one of the others?

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