Morning Reads for Tuesday March 24, 2015

Dark Side of the Moon was released 42 years ago today. Additionally it is Harry Houdini’s birthday and International Turberculosis Day. Do what you will with that information, on to the Morning Reads!

  • Strong Dollar Hammers Profits at U.S. Multinationals (WSJ)
  • Richard Fisher, Often Wrong but Seldom Boring, Leaves the Fed (NY Times)
  • Economists agree: deflation is either good, or bad, or irrelevant (FT Alphaville)
  • Why are so few homes for sale in the Bay Area? (SF Gate)
  • The cities where houses are suddenly going underwater (WaPo)
  • Who Invented the Computer Virus? (Priceonomics)
  • Should Athletes Get a Piece of the NCAA Tournament Revenue? (WSJ)
  • The myopia boom Short-sightedness is reaching epidemic proportions. Some scientists think they have found a reason why (Nature)
  • The Battle Is For The Customer Interface (TechCrunch)
  • Pixar’s 22 Golden Rules of Storytelling (Twisted Sifter)
  • Videos that TED uses to reset your brain (Quartz)
  • What happens when US rates rise? Three Scenarios (Medium)
  • Utilities experience competition, don’t like it, run crying to regulators (Grist)
  • “The First Roadie—Ever” (Texas Monthly)
  • Disney’s $1 Billion Bet on a Magical Wristband (Wired)
  • How luck works (Aeon)
  • The Little “Fighter” That Couldn’t: Moral Hazard and the F-35 (John Q. Public)


  1. Raleigh says:

    There are so many analogy’s which can be made between Dark Side of the Moon, the state legislature and a few on this very board. 🙂

  2. Ed says:

    Pink Floyd is easily one of the most overrated bands ever. Don’t believe me? They only remain culturally relevant because of people who were stoners in HS.

  3. drjay says:

    i was in barnes and noble last week and noticed they had vinyl albums for sale, new releases were about $35 for vinyl…a remastered copy of dark side of the moon was available for $50…

    • drjay says:

      i can think of many reasons, the article does not go into much detail, but i know when i was a nurse my starting pay was the same as other new grads in the er with me regardless of sex. of course anecdotes are not stats, but the clinical director was a man, most, but not all, of our charge nurses were men. more men worked the night shift or took flight duty (which included pay differentials) my guess is it’s mostly stuff like that..

      • Ellynn says:

        I posted this because the main ‘arguement’ on pay gaps in national surveys always comes down to the issue that women as more traditionally in careers that pay less then other fields and that is where the pay gap comes from. Now we have a field that is female dominate and their is still a pay gap.

        So I’m going to asking why were there more male charge nurses? Why are women not working night shifts? and why are women not working flight duty? I know why my friends who work Trama at Memorial do not work the night shift (parking lot safety). What has been your experiance? Besides the standard ‘They had families’ – which is really a cheap shot, since men have families too.

        • drjay says:

          well it’s been over a decade since i was in the field, but yes i think a lot of the women working day shifts liked being home with their families at night…also and i’m going to tread very carefully here, but i worked at large university based hospital and a lot of the female nurses were married to docs, dating docs, looking for docs — so they were not their families primary bread winner or necessarily concerned with upward mobility in their career the way they could have been…

          • drjay says:

            of course she’s not a nurse, but i think my wife is why that women make less money than men statistic keeps showing up places…well not her specifically, but women like her who have careers and then put that career on hold to raise a family and don’t go back to work full time for several tears if at all and are then “behind” their cohorts and the career ladder…she out earned me for the first several years of our marriage as a design engineer…

    • saltycracker says:


      Just an observation from a conversation I recently listened to between male students in the medical/physical/0ccu therapy fields. They were convincing a buddy to go the nursing route as the industry wanted more male nurses in the fold and the opportunities (ease) were there.

  4. Will Durant says:

    I’m not sure there are many more ways for the F-35 program to go wrong. I know that it is more rare than hen’s teeth to get military toys cancelled but is there any way to kill off this 800 lb. gorilla of a boondoggle?

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