Georgia Senate to Congress: Vote for Balanced Budget amendment

The Georgia State Senate passed a resolution on Wednesday, urging Congress to draft a Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget.

SR  155 passed by a vote of 37 to 17 and was sponsored by Sen. Judson Hill (R – Marietta).

Georgia joins other states that have introduced similar legislation to encourage Congress to act on a balanced budget amendment. In 1995, a widely-supported Congressional balanced budget amendment failed by one vote. In 2014, a similar bill also sponsored by Hill passed the Georgia State Senate, but failed to receive a vote in the Georgia House of Representatives.

The resolution now moves over to the state House.


  1. Max Power says:

    Once again, I’m glad that Georgia’s so perfect that the State Senate can waste time passing a resolution for one of the stupidest ideas on record.

      • Max Power says:

        Harry, let me make this real simple for you. Sometimes you need a balanced budget, sometimes you need a surplus, and sometimes you need a deficit. You don’t need a constitutional amendment that prevents you from running a deficit when necessary. The real shame is that Reagan came along and convinced everyone they didn’t need to pay for government and created a large pretty much permanent deficit.

        • David C says:

          And, before anyone brings out the “You have to balance your budget, and so should the government!” fallacy (beyond the fact that fiscal and monetary policy and household budgets are different things, because you’re essentially borrowing from yourself and can print your own money, etc), people do the exact same thing. It’s why families have mortgages, or students take out loans. You have an asset you need to buy, but don’t have the necessary funds to purchase it out of pocket, so you run a personal deficit and pay it back over a number of years. If you had your own personal balanced budget amendment, you’d never buy a car, own a home, or go to college. It’s clearly a wonderful idea.

          • TheEiger says:

            That is all very true, but wouldn’t it be great to have a President that presents a budget that balance some day. President Obama has never presented a budget that would ever balance. I understand running deficits, but those deficits should eventually reach 0 when planning your5, 10, 20, 30 budgets.

            • Harry says:

              They believe in perpetual deficits and also want to kill personal savings inventive using quantitative easing resulting in 0% interest rates. They want to destroy the country, not save it.

  2. blakeage80 says:

    The Georgia Senate must have more clout in Washington than I thought if they believed this would do any good.

  3. Will Durant says:

    Again I ask that our legislators work on some bills that are in their purview and needed by Georgia’s citizens today. These ALEC inspired red meat bills aren’t helping and in fact, are cluttering the calendar needlessly. Yeah everyone wants a balanced budget, a chicken in every pot, and all those other things that ALEC knows will get fine conservative legislators reelected. Give us a bill or two that will help us in our own state and in the here and now.

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