Behold the American Values Atlas

I’ll admit I’m probably more of a statistics nerd than I should be. So it was interesting to discover the American Values Atlas, which measures a number of variables, including demographics, political views, and religion across the country, by state and by metro areas, including Atlanta. The atlas was created by the Public Religion Research Institute from phone interviews of roughly 50,000 people. That gives a nationwide margin of error of half a point, although it is obviously larger for states and metro areas. The Georgia sample was 1,657 people, and the Atlanta sample was 858.

georgia_political_ideologyWhat do we see? Based on a Georgia summary page, independents make up the largest percentage of the population at 37%, followed by Democrats at 32% and Republicans at 23%. That’s fairly close to the national average. Yet, Georgians are more conservative than the country as a whole. 40% consider themselves conservative, 27% are liberal, and 25% are moderate. We have a higher percentage of white evangelical protestants than the country as a whole, and are more culturally conservative than the rest of the country.

There’s plenty to digest in the survey. And if that’s not enough for you, this morning’s Jolt from the AJC’s Political Insider provides these maps showing population and other demographic data projected out to 2060.

For a nerd like me, it’s all much more interesting than whether the dress is white and gold or blue and black.


  1. Will Durant says:

    Seems to me to accommodate all those independents we should allow all of their votes to become meaningful by eliminating partisan primaries.

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