Rep Kendrick Wants To Slap Stacey Dash

I usually don’t give any attention to the happenings of Hollywood, but this hit close to home. Stacey Dash, best known for her role in Clueless, doesn’t take well to threats. She called out Georgia State Representative Dar’Shun Kendrick for publicly stating that she would “slap Stacey Dash.” I truly don’t know (and don’t care) what upset Representative Kendrick, but it was enough get violent.

Stacey Dash made news when she publicly came out in support of Governor Mitt Romney in 2012. Dash has since used her platform to advocate for Republican candidates.

But don’t worry, Representative Kendrick recanted her statement… sorta.

Good morning, #gapol.


  1. George Chidi says:

    I do not advocate for violence against women. Or violence by women.

    That said … Dar’shun isn’t going to lose votes over barbershop talk about a Hollywood celebrity. The standard of discourse about Stacey Dash in her district is much, much coarser than this.

    • androidguybill says:

      Looking at her filmography, I wonder why there would be ANY discourse about Stacey Dash in ANY district.

      By the way … “I do not advocate violence against women” … gee aren’t men far more likely to be victimized by violence (including but not limited to serious assault including murder) than women? One of the reasons for the lower life expectancy thing, and why black males in particular have the lowest life expectancy of all American groups … sorry just don’t like the “PC” approach to crime is all …

      And incidentally whatever the feelings of Ms. Kendricks’ constituents are, she should be held to a higher standard as an elected official. Freedom of speech was created specifically to protect political speech, and her violent threat does the “chilling effect” thing from an official that represents the government.

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