Morning Reads that Eagerly Await Spring

The weather is terrible, but these Morning Reads…

“The Farmers’ Hotel” by The Silver Jews. 

  1. What is it with Georgia producing conservative wunderkinds? 
  2. Anyway, anyone remember Jonathan Krohn? Pearson will burn out by college and be apathetic upon graduation–mark my words.
  3. WaHo is the newest competitor to FedEx and UPS. 
  4. King and Queen buildings sold for as much as $500 mill.
  5. Want to see where all o the planned $250m worth of infrastructure spending for Atlanta will go to? 
  6. ICYMI: Yes, Kasim Reed is such an idiot he thought it was OK to park on a sidewalk while he ate lunch. 
  7. Southern Company gave more than $400,000 the corrupt, lone scientist who denies climate change. 
  8. Is it possible to go sans car in Atlanta for a month? 
  9. Take a creepy visit to the world’s largest insane asylum. (Bet you can’t guess where it is…)


      • penguin says:

        the realities of post-institutionalization and mental health care in Georgia since the shuttering of this place is probably scarier than the article. I mean, can you imagine, back then they didn’t even have doctors to treat them in the facilities? Oh wait…

  1. penguin says:

    That carless guy is awesome. Everyone should try that for at least a little while. I can only imagine how much better this city would be if people would spend less time in their cars. Aside from the obvious congestion issues and that they would stop almost killing me, people would generally be happier and less angry, and maybe devote more resources of all kinds to fixing this city’s infrastructure in meaningful ways.

    • gcp says:

      DA Danny Porter can only ask for the death sentence; its the jury that votes for the death sentence but this one is troublesome because her boyfriend who actually committed the murder got life with possibility of parole.

    • MattMD says:

      Well, if you’re guilty as sin, it is smart to take the plea. The State will come after you harder if you take it to trial because there is more at stake since the State could theoretically lose.

      Incidentally, I’m not a big fan of the death penalty since it is expensive and antiquated.

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