Morning Reads — Feb 24

It’s cold. I hit black ice this morning. Be safe, folks.


The cannabis oil bill moves forward.

#ByeFelicia… or gray fox.


God is angry.

Governor Deal is going to save rural hospitals!

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Jeb Bush is basically harvesting Chris Christie’s soul.

Homeland security battle isn’t stellar for Republicans


Meep may have died in the third episode of American Horror Story, but the actor passed away yesterday. RIP.


    • Ellynn says:

      So does McConnell force the security and safety section of the government to close down on Friday – which all major polls indicate the GOP will take the hit on and make every GOP member of congress look bad – and be the main topic of all news outlets until he ends up caving, or does he play the realist card and split the bill, then holds the press confrence showing how ‘reasonable’ the GOP is and is willing to put national security above party, and score some good will with that headline – all while sticking it to the President for being ‘unresonable’ and not going alone with the will of the people when he signs his veto on Keystone, and then that becomes the main story for the Sunday talking heads…

      Decisions, decisions….

  1. northside101 says:

    Could it be the “end of the line” for Tech’s Brian Gregory? They blew a 13-point lead over Louisville last night, ended up losing by a single point. With a 4 year-record that is something like 54-65….well, he may want to get going on a new resume…if he hasn’t already!!!

  2. Baker says:

    A quick Google search will show the white-tailed deer as the state animal of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin, the state mammal of Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, the game animal of Oklahoma and Michigan.

    Way to be original guys. As if the stupid white-tailed deer needs any more damned attention. I don’t mean to hate on the deer but come on. Foxes are way cooler and way rarer. Why not give it to them? We might as well make the squirrel our state animal if we’re gonna do the deer.

    • Will Durant says:

      I think we should make the jellyfish the official state non-vertebrate in order to protect them from being adulterated with human genetic material. And the state plant should become the hosta so I can shoot the damn deer who eat mine like candy.

  3. Ellynn says:

    The Georgia forestry lobby is at it again… HB 255

    This is a bill that looks ‘good’ on the surface, but is really expensive to other industries and the Georgia taxpayer on the whole. I already explained why this is a toothless idea that only benifits the Georgia foresty industry,and has little affect as it relates to taxpayer funded buildings, which you can reread in the link below. Look about half way down for my rather long comment.

    • Harry says:

      Good comment. We don’t need more artificial standards that provide little or no consumer benefit. The industry is effectively self-policing already. Follow the money.

  4. BriscoeDarlin says:

    Any bets on whether that peach, Kelly Gissendaner, avoids the death penalty or not?
    “Kelly Gissendaner’s lawyers are asking the state parole board to spare her life because she has found God, is a model inmate, and “accepts full responsibility” for her role in the murder of her husband, who was stabbed to death by her lover. ”
    Ummmm, things are kinda slow up here in the hills, but wouldn’t “accepting full responsibility” be holding out her arm for the death cocktail needle?

    • Baker says:

      Amen Brother. Anything but the most common, run of the mill, no personality deer. The deer is like the Two and a Half Men of state mammals. You see it everywhere but theres really not much to it…. (or something like that)

      • saltycracker says:

        White tail deer in, black bear out……hmmm

        Next up: “HEY, your honor, we didn’t know it was a deer statue at the capital or we wouldna shot it.”

        Why not a wiley coyote ? An armadillo ? a wildcat ? a beaver ? a cheetah ?

          • Raleigh says:

            I Agree. Possum. Specially since the state passed the road kill bill a few years back. Umm and sun dried possum should be the state delicacy.

            • Baker says:

              I say put the thing on the ballot. Paging Buzz…I’m serious now, how hard would it really be to get this on the ballot? I mean the deer?

              • saltycracker says:

                Why not ask our elected to just stay home until we vote on lobbyists, activist groups and bills put on a ballot ?

                The latest stunner for me was to read that a candidate, Loudermilk, I supported and is chair of science & technology, serves on homeland security has announced some of his kids are not vaccinated.

                So can he can separate personal opinion from public welfare ?

                What a waste of time to try and sort all these clowns out or even try to get them to do the right thing.

                • xdog says:

                  The only stunner to me is that he managed to vaccinate some of his kids. To make up for his lapse, he’s gonna revisit a 2004 CDC study that found no link between vaccination and autism.

                  • saltycracker says:

                    If the Democrats had put a candidate in the field to run against him, his overwhelming victory would take some of the sting out of this disappointment.

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