Morning Reads: McCain stunner; Columbus’ $34M question; a Miracle’s anniversary

John McCain: I’m ashamed of my country
Are American malls at risk?
Walker feeling the heat
Red carpet at the Oscars

Private probation legislation returns
How will MCSD use $34 million?
2 deputies shot in Habersham County
Annexation vs. cityhood: My law is stronger than your law

Lagano earns 1st Daytona 500 victory
Hawks back on the winning track
Remembering the Miracle on Ice


  1. androidguybill says:

    Not a Scott Walker fan because – unlike George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Nathan Deal, Bobby Jindal and others who have walked in a well worn trend the past 25 years, Walker did not even TRY to engage voters and issues in his urban areas, and oh yes I do kind of prefer that our president has a college degree – this “heat” is bogus. Walker’s only problem is that he is doing a poor job articulating it and defending it, but these bogus “trap questions” that the media throws at Republicans is idiotic. Republicans need to refuse to answer them flat out.

    Republicans should refuse to answer nonsense about “is Obama a Christian/do you believe Obama was born in America/do you believe that Obama loves America/do you believe in evolution” and every inflammatory push poll question about abortion imaginable when the media asks Democrats the same.

    When the media asks Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren to denounce communism (not just the human rights violations and the Soviet Union, but the ideology and system itself, including regimes like Cuba and Viet Nam that many left-liberals still have very soft spots for).

    When the media asks Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren if they agree with Senator Bernie Sanders’ goal of transforming America into a “Nordic model” socialism … excuse me, social democracy.

    When the media asks Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren if they agree with Andrea Dworkin/Camille Paglia/Amanda Marcotte feminism.

    When the media asks Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren to pontificate about the views and agenda of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris et al.

    When the media asks Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren whether eco-terrorists (and other leftist, Marxist or anarchist groups) or right wing terrorists constitute a bigger threat to national security.

    When the media asks Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren to denounce Femen (and other radical leftist groups) nice habit of vandalizing churches and synagogues and disrupting services by barging in, parading through nude, shouting obscenities everyone etc. until the police have to come and haul them out (they do not try this with mosques … oh gee I wonder why).

    And so on.

    Remember: these are the same people who allowed Barack Obama to lie about opposing same sex marriage in 2008. This was despite Obama’s long public record of supporting the issue. Even David Axelrod came clean on that recently.

    Walker and the rest of the GOP should have this stance: don’t play 20 questions on hot button/divisive/liberal dog whistle issues with me until you do it with the other side.

    • xdog says:

      Disagree. What’s wrong with saying “No” if asked if you think Obama is a Muslim? Or “Yes”, if you swing that way. And it’s not the media raising loony-tune questions for gopers, it’s other goper pols and personalities. I think you’re just upset that they’re well on their way to establishing a tougher litmus test for future candidates.

      • Dr. Monica Henson says:

        xdog is spot-on about GOPer pols & personalities bringing this on. If those folks were not constantly harping with BS about “Obama is not a Christian/Obama was not born in America/Obama does not love America,” then they wouldn’t be putting their GOP candidates into the hot seat, would they? #DoubleEdgedSword

      • Harry says:

        Jesus said that anyone is a Christian if they believe in their heart His message of being the way to God, and speak openly about it. It’s up to Obama to state that he believes Christ’s message. Nobody else can speak for Obama.

        • Ellynn says:

          Jesus also said, “When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, who love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on street corners so that others may see them.” Mathew 6

          • Harry says:

            Agree, we don’t have to broadcast every day. I was speaking to an old friend this weekend who said she’s not a Christian, but rather a believer in logic. There was no need to respond because she already knows my position and unfortunately she’s too old for me to convince her otherwise. At this point she’s on her own.

            • blakeage80 says:

              Harry! I don’t care if your friend is 103, it’s a tragedy for you to just leave her “on her own” and quite sharing the love of Christ verbally with her. Don’t do it!

        • Dr. Monica Henson says:

          President Obama has stated publicly his Christian faith on many occasions, dating back to 2004 and earlier, before being elected to office that put him on the national stage. If millions of Americans are so ignorant as not to be aware of that, they might question their sources of information. If they dismiss the multiple sources that confirm the president’s profession of faith and continue to make snarky comments referencing “the Muslim in the White House” (which I hear constantly from highly educated Republican family, friends and acquaintances), then they are Pharisees of the first order and are as distasteful to Christ as any nonbeliever, because they are gigantic hypocrites. Matthew 7: 1-5 would be a good place for them to start their pious Bible studies.

          • Dr. Monica Henson says:

            Correction: they are probably MORE distasteful to Christ than nonbelievers. He loves them all anyway, but my bet is that He’d turn over the tables and pull out the bullwhip on these contemporary Pharisees.

    • Noway says:

      I’m with Brother Bill on this one. Spot-freaking-on! Question is, will Walker or any of the Repubs have the gumption to ask even one of Bill’s suggested questions?

  2. saltycracker says:

    Annexation: Rep. Brockway is correct that we need to take a look at how this works. Jurisdiction shopping by developers is a problem in the growth counties. Annexation of undeveloped land into a city utilizing county provided services spreads the capital costs of new developments to all the citizens of the county. There is little accurial fund for cap costs, only debt bonding. A county with low taxes and impact fees for new development has weak legal footing to stop the annexation or impose specific traded taxation ut must add possibly, fire houses, emergency equipment and schools for the new residents.

    • androidguybill says:

      Oh please. Brockway is a GOPer. Atlanta is Democrat territory, and more to the point after decades of treading water and floundering at best is now growing – adding population and employers – again, which increases its political clout in the gold dome and makes it better able to compete with the suburbs for new residents and businesses (and more clout) in the future. And yes, the GOP does benefit from the dysfunction that is DeKalb, which paralyzes any economic and political growth and clout potential that the once powerhouse county formerly had.

      Putting Druid Hills into Atlanta A) prevents it from being absorbed into a likely right-leaning city where its own wishes would be marginalized, B) gives Atlanta a huge shot in the arm and C) gives a desirable area of DeKalb an exit from the county morass. That’s not exactly something that a GOPer wants to see, especially in a state that may already be trending purple.

      Annexing Druid Hills isn’t such a crazy idea. Quite the contrary, look at the map below. Druid Hills is right next to the portion of Atlanta that extends into DeKalb already.

      It is amazing that this fellow wants to make it practically impossible for anywhere in the entire state to be annexed just to block a Democratic power base from getting a little bit bigger. It only shows that the GOP knows that their grip on this state isn’t as strong as they pretend.

      • saltycracker says:

        In Fulton, DeKalb, the city or proposed city residents are shielding themselves from the county, OTP, many times, the opposite is the case, one owner with about nil ag/conservation taxes wants to develop residentially. When annexation and rezoning become part of a sale or project…. jurisdiction shopping comes into play….One fix, a freeze of some period on rezoning annexations.

        • androidguybill says:

          But this is different from the cityhood proposals how? Let me put it another way.

          1. If you are in a Democratic enclave, you have influence in a county whose leadership is Democratic. But if you are (against your will I might add!) incorporated into a city whose leadership will be Republican, you will be politically marginalized. So it would definitely be in your best interests to be annexed into a Democratic city that will pay attention to your desires instead of being thrown in with a bunch of Republicans who will demand your tax dollars but otherwise ignore you. Basically the folks in Druid Hills would be in the same position as the Republicans in north Atlanta – powerless – and they would like to avoid it.

          2. Jurisdiction shopping? That is funny. Weren’t Lakeside/Briarcliff/Tucker battling over tax-generating locales like malls and hospitals? Also, as George Chidi has said in the past, the whole thing stinks anyway because decades ago, DeKalb County made a decision to steer economic development projects (i.e. the tax base) primarily to north DeKalb and to direct the bulk of the (middle and working class) residential developments, i.e. folks who are more likely to need government services, to south DeKalb. And now, the folks in north DeKalb want to cast off the same areas of the county that they economically isolated.

          The deal is that the GOPers in DeKalb who want to create their political fiefdoms want to hold onto the tax revenue, vital institutions and (yes) prestige of Druid Hills, and want to force them to stick around even though A) it will mean their effective disenfranchisement and B) they don’t want to join the cityhood folks in their effort. They want to compel them to go along whether they want to or not (or more accurately despite the fact that they do not want to).

          So instead of the fix being a freeze on annexations, how about a fix being a freeze on cityhood? Which, by the way, is the position of the DeKalb CEO in the first place? Yes, the folks in Tucker/Lakeside/Briarcliff are trying to shield themselves from DeKalb. But the folks in Druid Hills are trying to shield themselves from the Tucker/Lakeside/Briarcliff people. The concerns of group A are no more or no less valid than the concerns of group B.

          I say let the cityhood folks get their cities, and let Druid Hills join Atlanta. Again, look at the map. Druid Hills is literally already on the city of Atlanta’s boundary anyway! You want to talk about keeping communities of interest together, a common goal in redistricting? Druid Hills has much more in common with Atlanta than it would have with Tucker/Lakeside/Briarcliff, and they want to keep it that way. Joining Atlanta would allow them to keep it, being thrown in with the DeKalb Republicans not so much. Brockway knows this, but doesn’t care. He is just doing the bidding of the DeKalb County GOP delegation.

  3. androidguybill says:

    @xdog and @Dr. Monica Henson:

    That is total nonsense. There is PLENTY of far outside the mainstream extremism on the left also. The difference is that the media NEVER associates it with Democratic candidates.

    You want GOPers to answer nonsense about talk radio hosts, bloggers and other non-elected and practically powerless people about stuff that has NOTHING to do with policy like Obama’s personal religious views? Fine. Democrats should do the same about BERNIE SANDERS, who unlike the fringe right wing bloggers is A UNITED STATES SENATOR WHO HAS SERVED IN CONGRESS SINCE 1991! Sanders chaired and is now the ranking Democrat on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee! He sits on the Environment and Public Works, Energy and Natural Resources, Health/Education/Labor/Pensions, Budget and Joint Economic Committees! He is A MAJOR policy guy for the Democrats on economic issues and has been for years, and he has been using that push America towards the Nordic model! In what universe is that a lesser issue than nonsense about whether Obama loves America?

    So on one hand the media insulates Democrats from tough questions on legitimate issues (for instance, if you are one of those guys who has the fashionable “Viva Che Guevara” lefty stance on Cuba, are you going to be more likely or less likely to support propping up the Castros or trying to topple them) while endlessly trying to trip up GOP candidates over nonsense on the other.

      • benevolus says:

        If the premise is that conservative talk radio hosts and bloggers are practically powerless, the conclusion is likely flawed too.

        • androidguybill says:

          Who has more influence on policy? A U.S. Senator who sits on all those vital committees or some guy with a column on

          • benevolus says:

            From what I can tell, Hannity, Limbaugh, maybe O’Reilly, and probably some others have pretty serious influence with ordinary people and Repub leadership.

          • Will Durant says:

            I would guess Limbaugh has had more influence on Republican Party policy than 90% of their Senators since his rise to national prominence, and more’s the pity.

    • Dr. Monica Henson says:

      I’ve never said I want GOPers to answer nonsense about anything unrelated to policy and having to do with the president’s religion. My point is that the nonsense doesn’t make the news to begin with if it’s not constantly being spewed by GOPers and GOP shills in the alternate universe that is the Fox “News” commentator shows. Let the right-wing media ask the Democrats the hard questions they want answers to if the mainstream media lobs softballs at them (which I don’t agree that they do). I find left-wing media as unwatchable as I do the wingnut media, so I select from the actual journalists among the limited choices out there, and they are damn few & far between. I like Shepard Smith on Fox, and I like Erin Burnett on CNN. MSNBC is utterly unwatchable, and I can only watch Sean Hannity if the sound is off. He’s mighty easy on the eyes.

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