WGST Peach Pundit Radio – Red Hare Brewery

Today we’ll be on location for WGST Peach Pundit Radio at Marietta’s Red Hare Brewery.  Rich Sullivan, Mike Hassinger and myself will be discussing political topics of the day, and possibly reviewing a beverage or two.  Possibly.  I’m guessing the proposed bill to allow craft brewers to sell on site may come up.

You can listen live at 640 on your AM dial, or just click this little link right here.


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  1. MattMD says:

    Mike, there is no such thing as a million degrees below zero. Absolute zero is a 0K/-273C/-459F

    Some good points were brought up concerning Uber. They absolutely should have to pay sales taxes. Also, the insurance issue is in a very grey area. I recently added a new car to my policy (528i) and my insurer asked me point blank if anybody using that car was working as a “for hire” driver and they spelled out the usual suspects (Uber, Lyft). I wonder how many people lie to their carrier which would void any insurance claim. It isn’t like you are knocking down serious coin if you are having to drive for Uber or Lyft, so I imagine people make shortcuts.

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