Morning Reads – Thursday, February 19, 2015

On this date in 1953, the State of Georgia approved the first literature censorship board in the U.S. Newspapers were excluded from the new legislation. Championing liberty since forever.


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  1. Michael Silver says:

    Today, the Republicans will become the party of gun control. Republican Ed Seltzer’s HB186 is being heard by the House Public Safety committee today at 3PM. HB186 PROHIBITS background check Licensees from carrying at schools and school functions, which is currently lawful. If HB186 becomes law, it will be the first expansion of gun-free zones in Georgia since 2002 when the hijacking law was expanded.

    So much for the Republican brand. 🙁

    • gcp says:

      Michael Silver

      186 changes some language in current law but 16-11-127.1 already restricts school carry. I don’t see that 186 is a big change from current law. What am I missing?

      • blakeage80 says:

        That point is in dispute. is going to file a lawsuit against the “Assembly Code Revision Committee for not properly allowing the campus carry portion to be put in the Official Code of GA Annotated.” They don’t believe HB60, signed after HB826, is in conflict with HB826 and so campus carry should be allowed.

        • gcp says:

          Rather than screwing around with court challenges and the order in which bills are signed Ga Carry needs to get a legislator to introduce a clean campus carry bill so as to get an up or down vote.

          • blakeage80 says:

            At this point, that would be ideal. However, I would bet the legislature had all the ‘guns everywhere’ press it could stomach last year and their all busy trying to figure out how to pay for roads without being seen as a tax hiker. Maybe next year, if this GC lawsuit doesn’t pan out?

        • Michael Silver says:

          Blake correctly pointed out that Legislature passed HB826 last year and which restored the ability of background checked Licensees carry in schools and university classrooms. Everybody agrees that is what HB826 does and the it was properly enacted.

          Since last year was an election year, Gov. Deal signed HB826 because he didn’t want to lose the gun-vote. Now that election is won, he is looking to erase what he did because he and Board of Regents don’t like HB826. The Code Revision Committee is the vehicle he is using to erase HB826. GeorgiaCarrry has filed a lawsuit against the Gov. and the Code Revision Committee.

          Its a sad day when Republicans push for gun-control.

          • blakeage80 says:

            Well, I hope GeorgiaCarry prevails here. Some people just do not seem to understand the value of being able to protect yourself and those you love from harm.

          • MattMD says:

            HB 826 as passed did not allow for carry in university classrooms.

            From what I understand, the only way you could possess a weapon on a college campus would be for it to be in a locked glove/storage compartment in the vehicle. It basically got rid of the “zero tolerance” policy regarding guns and school zones/campuses.

            • gcp says:

              Reread 826 part 1 section 1-1 (a)8 defines school safety zone as school or post secondary institution. (c)6 authorizes carry

              Yea it would be legal on campus but its all moot because 826 was not written into Ga law.

    • Michael Silver says:

      A followup from what I heard at yesterday’s hearing ….. Rep. Setzler explained that his intent was to reduce the infinite list of “weapons” in a school zone that triggers criminal charges down to two: handguns and long guns. He mentioned a couple incidents from Cobb where innocent and good kids were arrested for nothing more than having a fishing knife and a rescue cutter in their cars.

      He indicated that the original bill did much more than he intended, ie creating a new and expansive gun-free zone around schools. A special subcommittee has been formed to work out how to accomplish his intent without advancing gun-control in GA.

      We still need to pay very close attention to this bill since it could become a vehicle for those who want to repeal HB826. That could easily happen with a floor amendment to the bill on the last day. We’ve all seen that type of shenanigans happen before.

  2. blakeage80 says:

    Jessica, your last link left me unsettled. Are you the ‘find the nearest ledge and jump off’ type or the ‘let’s burn this mother down’ type? Either way, someone should account for your whereabouts. Seriously though, Keep fighting. If nothing else the ones that fight might end up in charge one day and can steer the ship full of TV watching zombies!

  3. saltycracker says:

    To some extent the post “it’s our fault” is misplaced blame. It is more to being deceived by those we elected. Why do we have to repeat so much effort plowing old fields ? We elected folks to fulfill their promises along the general lines of the party they represent. Republicans for a more efficient government with minimum invasion of individual pursuits. What we get is cronyism and mandates in our everyday life.

    We are amateurs in the game of professional, monies lobbyists and those that depend on the largess of government. We only win skirmishes.

    There are steps the people can take involving the way campaigns are conducted or how we hold elections but the first step has to be term limits. Only fools will hold on to a small minority railing against the majority professional politicians.

    Pericles said in 430 B.C.
    “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

  4. saltycracker says:

    Georgia health exchanges:
    “As of Feb. 6, 468,464 had enrolled in coverage in Georgia”
    “90 percent of Georgia consumers who were signed up as of Jan. 30 qualified for an average tax credit, or subsidy, of $277 per month through the exchange.”

    468,464 x .90 x 277 = $116,787,909 per month or $1.4 billion per year plus administration in Georgia.

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