Civic Duties

You’re expecting a lecture after seeing the title, aren’t you?

Well, I’m here to tell you why I believe Republicans do this better. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely.

Civic duties shouldn’t include actually attending jury duty (and not finding an excuse to get out of it) and voting. As Americans, we too often take advantage of the freedoms we are provided. Our civic duties are far more than just jury duty and voting; they’re standing up for what we believe in and volunteering in our communities.

We all hear the grumblings of folks that aren’t happy with something going on in their community, but have you ever asked what they’re doing to make a change? As thankful as I am that I share my opinion here, I have to hold myself responsible for actually getting my tail out from behind the computer screen and doing something, rather than just talking about it. I believe that Republicans as a whole are good about sharing their opinions, understanding the importance of jury duty, voting, petitions and volunteering.

Jury duty is probably the most despised of the list of items we should be thankful we can do for our community, but there is a reason that instructions for ‘Requesting Excuses’ is high on the FAQ list. We have folks on the front lines defending our freedom, why can’t you suck it up for a day (or a few) and sit in an air conditioned/heated room where you don’t have to worry about your safety? You’re uniquely you, and can only give your honest perspective to each case. Don’t go in and be extreme so that you get dismissed – yes, I’ve heard the stories too.

Voting is something that has been a priority for me since I was 20. Having been registered since 18, and voted in a couple of local races it didn’t initially seem too exciting to me. You see, I didn’t see the impact one vote could make, but after waiting 3+ hours in line to vote for George W. Bush to serve a second term, I got it (that point was made in my community November 2013). Plus, I lived in Florida and knew the system down there is by no means flawless.

This week on social media there was a petition floating around for support for SB63.This is a great example of how Republicans do this better. As the site says:

“Republicans believe in the power of the free market to provide good jobs to the citizens of Georgia. Republicans also believe in the power of good conversation over a cold beer enjoyed responsibly.

Republicans now find themselves in a position to make a difference! In 2013, the United States saw $14.3 billion in craft beer sales – and Georgia is losing out! By making some small changes to our law, we can allow local brewers to build a thriving industry that supports jobs across the state… “

I’m impressed by the new techniques my peers are using to reach out for support of the issues that mean to most to them. Setting up a website with a simple login info and capturing information from hundreds to thousands helps show our legislators that we are paying attention, and the decisions that they make (right, wrong, or indifferent) are being seen by their constituents.

Volunteering in our communities is another one of my favorite subjects. Whether it is volunteering at a charity, in your church, on a campaign, or in your neighborhood home owner’s association, Republicans do this well. On January 10th more than 200 people across the state volunteered for Governor Deal’s ‘With A Servant’s Heart’ . I personally was at the City of Refuge location where a hot lunch was served, hair dressers were on site to give haircuts, ladies were able to get their nails done, dentists were on site for teeth cleanings, job interviewing and resume help was provided, and I’m sure there are a few things I’m missing. It was an incredible day of practicing what we preach. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent there, and I look forward to volunteering again soon.

There are so many organizations across the state that need our help, and I encourage y’all to share opportunities you know of in your area in the comments thread, maybe we can connect folks looking to help out in their community. Looking for somewhere to volunteer in Cobb County? MUST Ministries is always looking for folks to help with the variety of services they provide to those in need. Information and applications can be found here.

I’m thankful to live in the land of the free, and home of the brave. Let’s work hard to keep it that way.



  1. Ellynn says:

    “I believe Republicans do this better…” It’s blanket statements like this that I really Rihanna, (I mean hate). There are a lot of us here that are not Republicans (I’m a card carrying member of the middle with a lean to the left) who already do the majority of what you listed in your nice list of civic duties, socal respondsiblity, and the giving of time and talent – plus love craft beer.

    • xdog says:

      Yeah, it’s like gopers are morally superior or something. Until they’re challenged of course, then they’re persecuted.

  2. blakeage80 says:

    “We have folks on the front lines defending our freedom, why can’t you suck it up for a day (or a few) and sit in an air conditioned/heated room where you don’t have to worry about your safety?”

    Let’s take this statement in two parts: “why can’t you suck it up for a day (or a few)” The OJ jurors did 8 1/2 months for not being extreme.

    “where you don’t have to worry about your safety?” Remember last June?

    But seriously, people need to pay attention to things closer to home rather than focusing all their attentions on DC or even ATL. One can make a difference in their hometown/metroarea.

  3. Stefan says:

    The United States is a grand experiment in democracy that requires our care and feeding to keep strong. There are very few jobs in the Constitution that we can reasonably expect to be called upon to perform (its unlikely I’ll ever be President), but we can expect to be jurors. When I gave opening statements in criminal trials, I’d tell the jury that they’d never be closer to the Constitution that they were at that moment. It is so important that we have a fair representation of our populace on a jury – thank you for doing your part. Hopefully your clarion call will move people to service.

    • ieee says:

      Juries of “regular” citizens are a terrible idea and should be replaced by professional jurists or judges. Most U.S. citizens have a very difficult time recognizing the between an opinion or feeling and facts. They are driven mostly by emotions. Many U.S. citizens have little sense. No way most people should judge another person. Innocent people are routinely convicted because of it.

  4. CountPetofi says:

    Hey, I’m doing my civic duty all this week on jury duty. Although I did get excused from today’s trial by the defense attorney. Must have been after I called Jack Bauer a “weenie.” LOL!

  5. saltycracker says:

    I have served on a fair share of juries, the last two murder trials. The majority on these Fulton Co juries just happened to be inner city blacks. Among the finest folks I’ve met.
    Some of their observations were classic and lessons I keep. After one conviction and some slick legal maneuvers the verdict was set aside. Legal supposition not facts won the day.

    I often think about how thst might have reinforced some of their negative opinions about the system being manipulated, corrupt and their attitude of powerlessness. The good news is they probably never knew.

  6. Will Durant says:

    Isn’t the APS cheating trial now out to 4 months with the over/under at 6 months? That is beyond what should be expected of the average citizen.

    I found the Federal Grand Jury to be cumbersome with 11 months of having to trek to the Russell building one evening a week, but we had one juror each from Dade and Rabun so I certainly couldn’t complain. I haven’t been selected from a pool and dismissed on the first morning my last 3 times in Gwinnett but this is just karma for having done 2 auto accident civil trials previously. You haven’t lived until you get to spend a couple of days listening to a court reporter read in depositions in a monotone with material designed to put you to sleep. Memo to plaintiffs’ attorneys: don’t let your clients sleep when the jurors cannot, it is a deterrent to their finding on your behalf.

  7. ieee says:

    People who are listed on nanny big government’s Sex Offender Registries (SORs) do not have any civic duties. In fact, I would say they have the opposite duty – they have carte blanche to be the worst citizen that they can be. The President is talking about why ISIS exists when our big governments here are working hard to create ISIS right in this country. They are doing a great job.

    And aren’t the SORs the darling of Republicans? The big government party. The party of “no such thing as too many laws”. I cannot BELIEVE that the big government party has failed to create the rest of their Registries. It really is unbelievable.

    • TheEiger says:

      So what exactly did you do to get placed on the sex offender list and where do you live? I would like to make sure you don’t live near me.

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