‘Appeal to Heaven’ Movement Claims Arkansas

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Yesterday marked a monumental day for two of our own public servants from Georgia.

Former State Representative Delvis Dutton (R-Glennville) and State Representative Kevin Cooke (R-Carrollton) traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas over the weekend for a ceremonial recognition and reading of a Senate Resolution of their movement, Appeal to Heaven.

Then Monday afternoon, along with Arkansas Senator Jason Rapert, Dutton and Cooke watched as an ‘Appeal to Heaven’ flag was raised and flown over the Arkansas State Capitol.

The Appeal to Heaven movement started in the Georgia legislature when a handful of legislators publicly committed themselves to an absolute right of conscience and doing what is right despite political cost – something largely unknown in many legislatures or politics in general. The history of ‘Appeal to Heaven’ dates back to George Washington’s cruiser flag with these words and a white pine known as the “Tree of Peace,” though the flag originated with John Locke in the 1600’s and his constant reference to natural law. The phrase “An Appeal to Heaven” connotes that when all resources and justices on earth are exhausted that only “An Appeal to Heaven” remains.

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In Georgia, members of the movement are identifiable by a lapel pin with the white pine tree, arguably the first flag of the United States. Though different representatives wear the pin for different reasons, one thing is consistent: principled consistence.

For some, principles are derived from faith and are the basis of conviction for votes and political action. For others, it is the reminder of a moral compass. Still, the unwavering commitment to principle remains.

The movement has since been gaining momentum not only in Georgia but across the nation in our state legislatures.  The Appeal to Heaven movement’s message has resonated across the country from the Speaker of the House in Arizona to members of the delegations in South Dakota, South Carolina, Nevada, Montana, and Missouri.
You can learn more about the Appeal To Heaven movement in Georgia by visiting www.AppealToHeaven.org

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  1. bruhsam says:

    A gentle reminder that An Appeal to Heaven isn’t about “[committing] themselves to an absolute right of conscience and doing what is right despite political cost.” It’s about committing themselves to an absolute Christian right of conscience, and only a part of Christianity at that.

    An important distinction that should be remembered.

    • Jessica Szilagyi says:

      In that sentence, I’m speaking to the movement of Appeal to Heaven in Georgia and as someone who spoke with all 3 founders of the movement here in Georgia.

      • bruhsam says:

        That may be true (I don’t doubt it is) but it’s not what the organization holds as their core principals as is evidenced by their website and other documentation.

        • xdog says:

          From the ATH website: ATH of Georgia exists to honor the Lord by supporting candidates for public office in the State of Georgia who are believers in Jesus Christ, who regularly attend and display a commitment to an evangelical, Gospel-centered church and who will commit to live and govern based on biblical, constitutional and Federalist principles.

          That seems pretty clear to me.

  2. Max Power says:

    When is American going to stop its persecution of Christians and allow them to take up the mandate of heaven to rule over the non-believers?

      • Teri says:

        Under “Causes,” the site says, “The traditional, regressive income and property taxes should be replaced with a fair, sales based tax model.” I also interpreted that as support for the Fair Tax.

  3. Ellynn says:

    Real Question, not trying to be snarky, But what is their stand on the $5000 a year fee to legally owed business (AKA the strip club tax) and how did they come to their possition?

    The snarky follow up question: Is their answer based on all or just one of their ‘biblical, constitutional and Federalist principles’?

  4. saltycracker says:

    Heaven helps those that help themselves. Weren’t we given free will to sort out the knowledge and justice that this bunch says has been exhausted? Emotion is trumping reason. If God tosses some divine guidance to these hopeless ones he’s gonna say “suck it up” and go do the right thing or meet a bunch of fundamentalists in hell.

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