Ed’s Morning Reads for February 18th

It is so cold, we really should be transplanted to some god-forsaken hellhole, such as Wisconsin.

“The Fox” by Sleater-Kinney. 

  1. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (who knew such an organization existed?) likes “March: Book Two”
  2. John Lewis told CBS News without Selma, there would be no President Obama. 
  3. Eisenhower=UGA and Carter=Georgia Tech.
  4. Former state senate hopeful Brian Roslund’s bizarre life. 
  5. The most embarrassing part of that story is that apparently, the DPG didn’t or couldn’t do the most basic research on its own candidates.
  6. Smyrna-based firm denied a $1.9-million tax refund for work in Afghanistan. 
  7. Dan Cathy says the new Falcons stadium could make part of ITP look like Baghdad. The article is really touching and does show how the stadium shows ATL’s priorities are way askance.
  8. For example: that the city is considering $17.5 million to renovate a natatorium determined to be structurally unsound. 
  9. First up for the new Atlanta Studies program: proving once and for all that you ask for Donna. 
  10. Sen. Hunter Hill waded into the depths of Reddit for an Ask Me Anything on SB 63.
  11. And here’s the money trail for SB 63. 
  12. An overly-fawning piece about how a new market is eradicating a never-existing food desert in south Atlanta. 


  1. xdog says:

    Bill Connelly has started his long slog through all 128 FBS teams and he’s up to Georgia State.

    edit–Wow, things have changed, from ‘Edit’ to ‘Modify’, and no time limit. Later I’ll find out how ‘Delete’ works.

    edit2–You have to hit refresh to see added comments, and there’s no note that the post has been edited. I foresee ‘you said/no I didn’t’ wars. Even more than normal I mean.

  2. Rambler14 says:

    Fiscal analysis for HB 170 was released last night.

    The so-called fiscal note, produced by the Georgia State University Fiscal Research Center, only addresses changes made to state taxes, not any proposed shift in how local governments tax motor fuel. It shows the bill could generate an additional $871.1 million in the fiscal year that begins July 1 and $1.053.6 billion by fiscal 2020.


  3. blakeage80 says:

    I really wish I could find the article I read in a NY publication about food deserts. It detailed how they were having to shut down a bunch of fresh fruit and vegetable stands in NYC because they couldn’t give away the vegetables. Most of the residents would walk right past the vegetable stand and into the convenience store for bags of chips. Why? No one ever taught them how to prepare real food. Good luck to these folks. They might want to use there kitchen for cooking classes too.

    P.S. What’s wrong with ice cream for dinner?

      • Ellynn says:

        Depends on the size. The larger it is the more likely you are to have then end up hanging from a wall. My late father liked them sliced across the center and grilled. He would get about 3-4 steaks out of a 5 footer. The rest was smoked. My uncle always smoked his. Dad never got a female, but my uncle did and gave the roe to their dad. Grandfather loved mashed roe (caviar) spread over rye bread like butter with sliced horseradish and capers. He said this was how his Russian mother served it, but used rye bread to keep his German dad happy. I have had grilled and smoke strugaon, but not the roe. Being a coldwater fish, they are even oiler then a salmon. My uncle did not go out this year but he certifed tags and did check ins at the Stockbridge station.

  4. John Vestal says:

    The Senate version of an RFRA (SB129) is making its debut today. It certainly appears to expand upon the definitions of “religious exercise” compared to both the Federal RFRA *and* the House version, specifically to clarify that it includes those who choose to use their faith to discriminate in the marketplace.

    But IANAL (calm down, Harry) so it’s probably actually an innocuous nuance just added for giggles.

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