President’s Day Chutzpah – #GAPOL PR Edition

Apparently, at least one Capitol PR person isn’t taking President’s Day off.  We at Peach Pundit just received an email with the following beginning paragraph:

“Rick Jackson, CEO of Jackson Healthcare, philanthropist and the next Truett Cathy, is known at the State Capitol for trying for trying to revamp Georgia’s broken foster care system.”

The next Truett Cathy?  Really?  I quit reading right there.

From what I know of Mr. Jackson he’s a decent man.  He’s also someone that has spent a small fortune trying to force the state legislature to dump Georgians’ right to sue over medical malpractice claims and force all patients into a system modeled after workman’s compensation boards.

This kind of legislation isn’t likely to get a single Democratic vote.  Groups supporting the effort (though not clearly tied to Jackson Heathcare) led last year by running ads attacking the Speaker, The Senate President Pro Tem, and just for good measure, they also decided to attack Senator Josh McKoon – one of the few who occasionally likes to lead efforts within the GOP outside of leadership’s programs.  Consider who is left to lead a coalition to pass a bill (presuming it could even get to the floor of both Houses) with the opposition that was inherent and the additional opposition those pushing this measure uniquely earned.  That doesn’t leave enough people to fill a small subcommittee meeting room.  Whether or not the idea has merit is no longer the issue.  The well on this was poisoned before debate could even begin.  And it was poisoned by someone paid to “help” pass the bill.

Rick Jackson should read that above paragraph over and over again, and then ask himself why he’s paying money to pass a law that was set up for failure before it began.

And then he needs to ask if he really needs to be paying a PR professional to anoint himself the “next Truett Cathy” just months after Mr. Cathy’s passing.

That’s beyond offensive.  It’s also yet another example that in my personal judgment, Mr. Jackson is getting a huge negative return on his capital investments.


  1. Dgl says:

    I’m sure Mr. Jackson is a very nice, well-meaning person, and is trying to do good, however, I knew Mr. Cathy for over 30 years. Mr. Cathy gave back in so many ways unrelated to the Capitol, and has changed so many young people’s’ lives with scholarships and employment opportunities and lived his region each and everyday never looking for recognition. The very fact Mr. Jackson has a PR person tagging him with that line, in and of itself, disqualifies him from such comparison.

  2. mcb2 says:

    Direct Response and Quote from Mr. Rick Jackson, “I agree wholeheartedly with your comment on the comparison of myself to Truett Cathy. I am no Truett Cathy and can only strive to make such a difference in the lives of children and those in need. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Truett Cathy and was personally touched and inspired by his generosity, legacy and positive impact on the lives of so many. I want it known that those words have not been thought or spoken by me – and would not have been approved had I seen the piece. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!”

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