Morning Reads: Jimmy Carter’s last fight; Obama & ISIS; T.R. lives on President’s Day

Does Obama’s ISIS plans go far enough?
Hillary’s fundraising pleas angers many
Jimmy Carter’s last fight
More ISIS beheadings?
FEMA keeps an eye on Waffle Houses

Busy week at the state House
Guv declares state of emergency in north Georgia
Guard shot at FedEx plant last year undergoes 26th surgery
Floyd County waits to hear from U.S. Supreme Court on gay marriage
Winter weather hits metro Atlanta

Just how did the Atlanta Braves do this winter?


  1. xdog says:

    Athens/Clarke County school officials were surprised to learn one of the county’s public schools is on list of “failing” schools which could be taken over by the state for chronic poor performance.

    They report Gaines Elementary has scored just above 50 the last three years on the state measurement that requires 60 or better, admit the school needs improvement, but deny the state ever designated the school as underachieving.

    In addition, state Supt. Richard Woods recently visited and praised the school, rating it a 90, officials said.

  2. saltycracker says:

    So we wait on the Supremes to redefine or confirm a category of people woven into the legal fabric. A redefinition guarantees the spending by this nation goes up and move expansion challenge will follow.

    The most serious challenge may be by women wanting to join the Masters membership.

    Seriously, it’s time for govt to let religion define marriage and they worry about individual citizens.

  3. TheEiger says:

    21 Christians beheaded in Libya. It’s time for this President to get off his ass and do something. These terrorists are not the “JV team” Obama wants to think they are. If we had not taken all of our troops out of Iraq ISIL would not have gotten a foothold in Iraq. It’s time to show these pieces of crap what the US military is capable of.

    • xdog says:

      And if we had never invaded Iraq chasing wmds and yellow-cake, IS would never have been empowered.

      Meanwhile I wonder what kind of action you think would work. We could put divisions of troops in Libya, Syria, Yemen, some back in Iraq, save a few for the next hot-spot. Do you think that would work? It hasn’t so far where we’ve tried it. We kill a lot of folks, take some casualties, piss off more people. Nuking Libya until the Sahara is glass might have some bad consequences. Scaling back a bit, carpet-bombing Tripoli and Benghazi would kill lots of people but not the ones we’re interested in killing. Any other ideas?

      Of course we could turn our backs on the region, just disengage completely, but that would be too bad for the Israelis and Saudis so that’s out. The alternative is to muddle on pretty much the way we’re going, arming and training our allies, locking down terrorist bank accounts, keeping the pressure on NSA level surveillance. It’s not a pretty future.

      Sorry to be so negative but welcome to the world of asymmetrical warfare.

      • TheEiger says:

        It’s pretty absurd to say that ISIL would not have come into existence if we had never invaded Iraq. Islamic terrorists have been attacking countries around the world that have had nothing to do with Iraq. Australia, France, Denmark and innocent christians throughout the Middle East. Most of those attacks came from terrorists radicalized by ISIL related groups.

        Your ignorant mention of dropping nukes and carpet bombing shows your complete lack of knowledge of the situation. I know you and others would prefer that the USA turn our back while innocent people being beheaded because of their faith. Those people who have nothing to do with the USA remember.

        You can continue to close your eyes and plug your ears and act like this will all go away. You can even blame it on Bush. But you will be wrong on all accounts. The USA will be back in the Middle East soon whether you like it or not.

        • saltycracker says:

          If only the Arab peoples felt the emotion you have and led the charge it would be unforgivable for us not to assist with our high tech capabilities.

          Meanwhile there are or will be nations that will need our assistance in exterminating the vermin. Unfortunately possibly in Europe.

        • xdog says:

          “I know you and others would prefer that the USA turn our back while innocent people being beheaded because of their faith.”

          I find that to be offensive as hell. If you stick to that pov I don’t think we’ll be exchanging views much longer. I don’t want to repeat what’s been shown to be inadequate and counter-productive. That doesn’t mean I’m willing to turn my back on barbarism.

          What’s really absurd is to ignore that by invading Iraq, killing tens of thousands and displacing hundreds of thousands, the US has managed to radicalize an entire generation of Muslims. You have President Pinhead and his keepers to thank for that. I’m not a big fan of Obama but at least he’s tried to manage the mess he inherited without insisting that US military forces are always the answer whatever the question.

          You mention ignorance but I notice you don’t offer solutions of your own beyond showing “what the US military is capable of”. I’m ready for solutions so if you have some, offer them up. Like it or not, making matters right will take more than relying on bigger battalions.

          • TheEiger says:

            I don’t really care if you are offended. It’s the truth.

            Also, when I say what the US military is capable of it ‘s quite simple. Drone strikes and air strikes. Which is what the president wants. As well as special forces on the ground. Everything should be on the table. Sanctions and going after their bank accounts should also be a part of any strategy.

            If I had the ability to read the Presidents daily briefings I would draw up a plan for you. But you wouldn’t like what I would do. Because the US along with Jordan and Egypt would kill them all. With boots on the ground.

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