WGST Peach Pundit Radio – In Studio Noon To 1PM

Rich Sullivan is taking the Sully Show on the road to Newnan today, and will be on Newnan’s square from noon to 2pm.  As is his custom, he’ll be giving the first hour of his show to us from Peach Pundit.  We’ll be in the WGST studios from noon to 1pm.  Scheduled to attend along with me are Mike Hassinger, Jon Richards, and Stefan Turkheimer.

You can listen live starting at noon on 640 AM, or click this link.


  1. Teri says:

    Charlie, you nailed it with the Johnson Ferry Road example (although you left out the Yosemite Sam approach some Cobb residents took when Fulton re-timed that light) as the perfect example of why transportation leadership must come from the state – with ongoing collaboration from counties and municipalities. To have a worldview of transportation in metro Atlanta that is strictly local is just dumb and shortsighted, and serves no one except a handful of grandstanding politicians.

    • saltycracker says:

      There is plenty of dumb and shortsided at the state too……we have 140 running between Fulton and Cherokee fast turning into the next Johnson Ferry. That is a 2 lane controlled by the state that has been talked and seeking citizen input for years with nothing but a few turn lanes……but they have it on the 4 lane list….

      Of course if Cherokee had any sense they’d stop rezoning on 140 until they or the state did something.

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