Isakson talks AUMF and ISIS on Hardball

Tonight at 7, Senator Johnny Isakson will appear on Hardball with Chris Matthews at the top of the hour to discuss the Authorization of Military Force submitted to Congress by President Obama. Therefore, I’m obliged to say something few people ever say- turn on MSNBC.

Last time the President proposed a wacky Syria adventure, Senator Isakson opposed it. That was in 2013, when American interests were irrevocably set against ISIS’s enemy, the government of Bashar al-Assad. (I often root against both the Red Sox and the Yankees, so I understand the sentiment.) Perhaps Congress will be impressed by the President’s gracious request for approval of a war he entered six months ago. We’ll find out where Senator Isakson stands tonight.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Sounds like Congress wants to second guess and has opinions but not a defined course in mind.

    What we will do is throw money and America bodies into a mess to enable peoples that do not have the will to become a nation. And the few that do, like Jordan or Kurds prefer we support their efforts but not take the lead.

    Then we have Yemen that Obama claimed a victory for his approach only to have the hell surprised out of his administration. Egypt, Algeria, Syria, large tracts of Iraq….It is a mess.

    We are defined at home and abroad that money and administration/bodies applied with no end game/mission will make it all good. Global enablers..

    Last winning war: WWII

    • saltycracker says:

      And how is that war on poverty working ?
      Record breaking food stamps, increased subsidies, racial and immigration chaos, lower and wider gaps in real wages, higher govt debt ?
      This too is a failed joint effort by both parties.

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