You Ain’t Woman Enough

To Senator David Perdue, President Barack Obama’s Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch’s “patience, perseverance, professionalism and . . . graciousness” doesn’t outweigh her support of the president’s immigration executive actions. Perdue announced Wednesday that he will oppose her nomination to the nation’s top law enforcement official:

“While Ms. Lynch may have an impressive resume, she did not adequately answer the committee’s questions nor alleviate my concerns about the consistency with which she applies our nation’s laws. After thoroughly reviewing her record and testimony, I am not confident she will defend the Constitution, especially when the President seeks to abuse his power.

“We need an Attorney General who will maintain independence and will put the law above partisan politics. I strongly disagree with her support for the President’s executive action on amnesty, which is both unlawful and unconstitutional. Ultimately, Ms. Lynch’s actions and answers did not demonstrate that she will consistently enforce the law and uphold our Constitution.”

Lynch is expected to receive Republican support on the Judiciary committee. Senators Orrin Hatch and Jeff Flake have announced their support, and Senator Lindsey Graham is expected to vote in her favor as well. It’s worth noting that Lynch’s belief in the constitutionality of Obama’s immigration executive actions is far from an extreme position – in fact, a panel at the conservative Federalist Society last November generally conceded that the president is acting within the law and Constitution.


  1. TheEiger says:

    Do you care to explain the title of your post? Please.

    You seem to be insinuating that Perdue is voting against her because of her gender.

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