Morning Reads You Will Love

Get it? Because Valentine’s Day is Saturday?

“Cut Your Hair” by Pavement

  1. John Lewis: A True Superhero
  2. Instead of worrying about how to have enough film workers, how about we realize that having a race to the bottom for tax cuts isn’t a viable long-term strategy for economic growth.
  3. Gov. Deal’s daughter in law still pocketing checks from Deal’s reelection campaign. 
  4. Christian Science Monitor says APD is a model for PDs worldwide. 
  5. The APS and ATL impasse is… probably not a model for anything. 
  6. Aquarium CEO Mark Leven says videos allegedly showing the new aquarium VP abusing dolphins might be doctored. 
  7. The brave citizen who was arrested for eating while driving had his charges dropped. 
  8. One of the strangest dishes in the Southern culinary tradition. 


  1. Raleigh says:

    You know that nice Barbeque pork sandwich you passed up for a “healthy” veggie burger approved by your doctor. It seems doctors may have slightly overstated the danger of dietary cholesterol but give yourself a pat on the back anyway for being the model of will power and self sacrifice we all aspire to be. Your doctor knows best,….maybe….

      • Raleigh says:

        Maybe you should remember a little of this as you say “condescension” when your doctor wants to prescribe for you the next Vioxx or Baycol which were pulled of the market after the FDA released those due to a proven increased risk of death. There is a reason the medical profession is called a practice. What’s the next big health scare that will be proven wrong? Remember during the 50’s many doctors testified that cigarette smoking was safe.

  2. Ellynn says:

    I was about to hand over your in house PP Foodie credentals to Stephen after he linked Lucky Peach yesterday, (my second favorate food site), but you made a good comback with the link to my 1st favorate site. I read that article last weekend.

  3. blakeage80 says:

    7. I’m thankful the charges were dropped. There are a large number of us that would starve if we couldn’t eat in our cars.

    8. I’m hungry. Can you start a lunchtime reads and put this kind of article there? I’ve got 4 hours until lunch.

    • Ellynn says:

      This site is based in Chicago and New York, so they just don’t know about the peas and carrots. It’s like you saying a hot dog had ketcup on it. Bet they would have the same reaction as yours over over the stew…

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