Forsyth County Young Republican Straw Poll

The Forsyth County Young Republicans conducted a straw poll last Saturday at the Forsyth GOP Mass Meeting. 137 people voted in the poll which included 11 candidates and two additional questions involving cannabis oil and the Religious Freedom bills.

2016 GOP Primary Results

Walker – 26%
Cruz – 12%
Carson – 10%
Undecided – 6%
Rubio – 5%
Bush – 4%
Paul – 4%
Perry – 3%
Palin – 3%
Huckabee – 3%
Christie – 1%
Graham – 0%

Do you support the medical marijuana concept?

Yes – 81%
No – 19%

Do you support the Religious Freedom Act (HB 218, formerly HB 18)?

Yes – 93%
No – 7%

It’s interesting to note that Forsyth County, arguably the most conservative county in the state, supports medical marijuana by such a wide margin. The question did not use  “cannabis oil,” but the vague term “medical marijuana.” Granted, HB1 has been in the news for quite some time so one could argue the majority of participants understood the question referred to THC-reduced cannabis oil.

In regards to RFRA, I’m not surprised in the slightest at the results. It is widely supported in Forsyth County.


  1. Baker says:

    No one’s got a comment? I’ll bite:

    Walker – 26% (Good possibility)
    Cruz – 12% (Grandstanding smarm merchant who chooses gesture over the right thing to do)
    Carson – 10% (Wonderful guy filled with delusion from delusional voters disillusioned with DC)
    Undecided – 6% (Always a good choice)
    Rubio – 5% (Does some tiny wiggle on immigration really disqualify a guy? That said, I seem to remember Republicans (myself included) doing an awful lot of whining about a one-term senator whose sole qualification is good oratory not being ready to be president)
    Bush – 4% (There is no way in h- the country is going to elect another Bush president. Once this got into a general election, it wouldn’t even be close. No matter who the opponent is)
    Paul – 4% (Trips over himself sometimes but not bad I don’t think)
    Perry – 3% (Take what I said about Bush and instead of “another Bush”, insert “another Texas governor”)
    Palin – 3% (We’re even still mentioning her? Did no one in Forsyth County watch the train wreck that was her speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit?)
    Huckabee – 3% (If Democrats hadn’t run pro-lifers out of the party, he would be one.)
    Christie – 1% (Personal opinion {The others are just facts} is he’ll wow people in debates and voters will be like “what were we thinking hating him that whole time”? Facts? He’s in so deep a hole now it’ll be hard to dig out.)
    Graham – 0% (Really?)

    I would encourage everyone to read this great article from Jay Nordlinger:

    So out of that list, two or three of them I think have anything approaching a shot in the general. That deep Republican bench I was pretty confident in a few months ago seems less deep that I thought.

    • MattMD says:

      I disagree about Bush v. Clinton. That would be like a Hitler/Stalin argument.

      Of course I am exaggerating but I wouldn’t say one machine would roll over the other. There is A LOT of time left.

      • Baker says:

        I wish you were right, but alas I think Hillary is somehow popular with a good chunk of the country. Her polling isn’t bad. It’s inexplicable to me and I can only conclude these people just do not pay any attention at all but I think she’d swamp Bush. She’ll be a tough candidate against anyone but A) dude’s last name is Bush and B) any talking point about moving the country forward or a new era is needed and she isn’t it would immediately be moot with Bush 3.

  2. MattMD says:

    RE: Carson

    Neurosurgeons are generally known as the oddest of physicians. They are very, very strange. These guys want to operate on brains and the nervous system in general. They were, in all likelihood, the same people who abused/”operated” on small animals as children.

    One time during a catered event I remember one of them asking me if I knew what the different types of sandwiches where on the trays. I was like, “Well, thank God it doesn’t take a rocket-surgeon to figure out the difference between pimento cheese, chicken salad and miscellaneous cold cuts.”

    • The “oddest of physicians” could be applied to any speciality, and usually is -by members of some other specialty. Anecdotal bullshit about a neurosurgeon you met once does not = people who abused animals as children.
      With an intellect like that, you’re probably an orthopaedist.

  3. Rick Day says:

    The question did not use “cannabis oil,” but the vague term “medical marijuana.” Granted, HB1 has been in the news for quite some time so one could argue the majority of participants understood the question referred to THC-reduced cannabis oil.

    Or we could assume they knew exactly what that term meant because HB1 is not about ‘medical marijuana’ and we all know it.

    “You smoke the herb, you don’t rub it on your face” – Bob Marley

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    “I’m going to punt on that one as well. That’s a question a politician shouldn’t be involved in one way or another.” – Scott Walker on evolution

    Panderer to the ignorant, or a dim bulb himself. You make the call.

  5. anon says:

    The straw poll question is listed as “Do you support the medical marijuana concept?” Perhaps the CONCEPT received the 81%, not HB1, or its wording / details.

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