Jack Kingston Posts Exit Interview

Last month, Jack Kingston’s three decades in public office came to an end. He came to Congress with the inauguration of a fresh-faced President Bill Clinton; that length of service is what makes this exit interview so fascinating.

In 34 shortish clips, Jack pointed out what he’s learned in his modest, self-effacing way. He rated President Clinton’s Congressional relations as better than those of Presidents Bush and Obama, bemoaned the 3-day Washington work week, and gives advice to aspiring politicians from the Book of Proverbs. Come for the West Wing-style opening, stay to learn a couple things.


  1. Al Gray says:

    Former Representative Kingston is an extremely nice fellow and we all should wish him well in his future endeavors. However, I am very proud to have worked as diligently, forcefully and successfully as I could to deny him the Senate seat, for his voting record was toxic to fiscal conservatives. It was gratifying to be able to turn back his ‘invincible’ candidacy.

    In keeping with his video series I would like to thank Jack for being gracious, courteous, and diligent enough to take the time during the waning days of the campaign, when time was precious, to discuss those votes with me. Georgia is woefully short of good men in politics and Jack Kingston is a good man with a horrible voting record for frugal folks. If he could convincingly mend his ways and reject his damaging policies, I would not just drop my opposition of his candidacy, but work to get him elected.

    Good luck, Jack and…….Thanks!

    • Al Gray says:

      The national Debt clock has a $19 trillion unfunded prescription drug liability from Kingston’s vote. He didn’t need many voices like mine blaring out that and similar factoids to lose a race in which he was heavily favored by less than 9000 votes statewide.

      I didn’t look it up, but the margin locally was 3500 for Perdue in an area dominated by Kingston supporters.

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