State Rep. Tyrone Brooks Contemplating Retirement

State Representative Tyrone Brooks (D-Atlanta) is considering retirement from office. Rep. Brooks, who was first elected in 1980, currently serves on 3 committees, namely, Economic Development & Tourism, Governmental Affairs and Retirement.

Atlanta Progressive News reports that Rep. Brooks plans on moving from his district in Atlanta to Monroe to set up a museum related to the Moore’s Ford Bridge lynching investigation of 1946.

While Rep. Brooks’s publicist claims that Rep. Brooks will be resigning, Rep. Brooks insists that he intends on completing his term. On the other hand, if Rep. Brooks ends up moving to Monroe and decides to resign before the end of his term, a special election will be held in Georgia’s 55th House District.

On another note, Rep. Brooks also has a trial coming up this April after being indicted on 30 criminal counts of fraud just 2 years ago.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Tourism, museum on GA hanging….well museums are for the extraordinary or noteworthy that evoke positive and negative public reactions and this is certainly a horrible memory not to be forgotten. When it is just the way it is, #1 death of young black males, black on black violence, museums or public outrage would be taboo.

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