DoR Finds a “Significant Number” of Attempts at Fraudulent Returns in Georgia

If you’ve filed your taxes electronically for 2014 be very careful.

On Thursday, the Department of Revenue said it discovered a “significant number” of attempts at filing fraudulent returns using third-party software. The DoR said state systems remained secure.

While no companies were named in the DoR press release, there were 17 other states that said they found attempts at fraudulent returns. Minnesota said it would no longer accept returns from TurboTax and on Friday, the company said it was temporarily suspending e-filing in all 50 states.


  1. Max Power says:

    The IRS has implemented a pin system for e-filing, I don’t think the state DoR has any kind of required security. That’s a problem. As we demand more and more government services be available online they’re going to have to start taking security more seriously.

    • blakeage80 says:

      Very true. In the meantime, I hope we can figure it out fast and not have to go back to the 20th Century method of mailing paper.

  2. Ellynn says:

    I got a phishing email on Wednesday from the ‘IRS’, stating my pin needed to be confirmed and to click the link blah blah blah. Email had all the correct letterheads, address.


  3. jiminga says:

    I used TurboTax for several years until they adopted the Microsoft style verification system that wouldn’t allow installation due to a buggy program. They basically told me they had no workaround and to buzz off. I switched to H&R Block and never looked back.

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