Morning Reads–Day Three as Champions (Yet Again)

Reads below the fold.

“El Camino” by The Rosebuds. 

  1. The inexorable gentrification of Atlanta. 
  2. The latest on Water War. 
  3. When Mayor Reed’s term ends, he says he will make the long trip back home to… uh… Atlanta. 
  4. Veteran AP reporter Rebecca Santana is the new AP Deep South Correspondent. 
  5. “Premium milk” is the new New Coke. 
  6. Home deliveries from UPS will cost you a little more. 
  7. Big season on tap for the Atlanta Opera. 
  8. The alma mater made Panther Nation proud on Monday. 


  1. Michael Silver says:

    Malcom Butler’s interception was world-class. He isn’t getting enough praise for the great play he made.

  2. Noway says:

    Kudos for King Abdullah for his decisive action in responding to The Animal’s burning of his pilot. I have actually done training in his Jordanian facility. Many prayers for the family of the pilot. Could this be the spark for the Arab world to rise up against this type of barbarism? We’ll see…

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