Morning Reads: Huckabee and gays; everyone’s talking Nationwide; Hawks vs. NBA history


Kerry says enormous interest in new relationship with Cuba
Senator presses Obama on Islamic extremism
Huckabee says gay marriage is a lifestyle
NYC mayor moving past police controversy
Perry hurt by indictment?
Obama’s choice as Mexico ambassador withdraws her name


Bill would delay kindergarten start for younger students
Boyer sentencing delayed again
Will winter continue?


How the Hawks stack up against NBA history
Pats are Super again
Nationwide’s controversial Super Bowl commercial


  1. Noway says:

    Obama will introduce a 4 trillion dollar budget. Really? Show me a budget that has actually gone down from last year to this. From any year to year. You can’t. Nothing ever changes, nor will it. Political junkies like us love to debate who’s the best candidate and what they’re gonna do to save our country. But, we’ll continue to borrow from China or whomever and seize more of what other people earn to Feed the Pig. And our newly elected representatives will continue to blatantly lie to us, directly to our faces! And we’ll continue to delude ourselves and take it. Whether it’s from the left or the right, it’s all pure crap, from both parties.

    • John Konop says:

      The problem is many think you can get something for nothing…you even have the majority of Tea Party people who do not understand they have not nearly paid for Medicare cost, You have people on the left that think we can expand entitlments without paying for even what we have today, you have people on the right who think you can got to war and pay for infastructure with tax cuts, you have people on the right and left who want our schools to be parents verse preparing the kids for jobs and or higher education……I could go on and on.,..I have news a tax cut without balancing the payments out is the same as adding new entitlments without figuring out how to pay for them….the American people need to look no farther than the mirror…..

      • saltycracker says:

        One thing neither party will admit to is when you make things so incredibly complex, burying in special interests and restrict enforcement of programs, thinking you are covering your constituents, the barbarians have unlimited access points.

      • Al Gray says:

        “the American people need to look no farther than the mirror…..” Yes, but the mirror needs to be one of those carnival mirrors that multiplies the images 25 times, to reflect (pun intended) the way the bankers geometrically expanded the debt using derivatives, rehypothecation, pooled assets, and other lunacy, then stuck those liablities in front of depositors money in the banking system.

        • John Konop says:

          I have spoken out against derivatives being backed by tax payers before the last blow up…..let alone now….Do not kid yourself the concept is driven by irresponsible behavior on the consumer side as well ie keeping up with the JONES…Buying a 700k home on a 100k income……using interest only for 3 years in hopes your income catches up in 3 to 5 years, when note is due for refinance is part of the problem….I get without tax payer guarantees no rational person would finance this….especially with very low down payments….But, we have a majority of Americans who would agree with the above terms….and feel ok about leaving fellow tax payers with their debts…It takes 2 to play this game….trust me many on the right and the left want things they cannot afford…They love hearing do not worry about the money… same cycle repeat…..As I give this warning again, as I did before the last collapse…..You see how they still give me chicken little” like comments….I am old school….you cannot afford it do not buy it….Do not use tax payers to guarantee debt on self indulgent lifestyle needs…

          • Al Gray says:

            Saxby Chambliss, when asked to define a derivative on C-Span – ” Uh, a derivative can be a phone call…..” Yes, but when I send an expense report in, it has to be in writing and with receipts, but AIG’s $10 million increment gambling debts via a mere phone call got made good in his and Isakson’s bailout. They are still in superior position to saver’s deposits and $300 trillion got thrown in the pot with Crimenibus in November. Yes, the people demanded free benies, but not 100X benies that are off-balance-sheet for the benefit of the biggest crminals the world has seen.

          • Al Gray says:

            BTW, I share your pain about the tag of “Chicken Little.”

            This time folks won’t need a hard hat for protection from falling objects, they will need a bomb shelter.

      • Rick Day says:

        Somebody, somewhere, forgot to type the word “President” in front of the word “Obama”, while mentioning Benghazi or Kenya. Extra points for ‘libertard’

        This put folk like Ed in a happy place. Warms his lap, if you know what I’m sayin’ *wink*

  2. saltycracker says:

    Folks walking up this AM saying “WHOA !”

    football fans. What happened ? Good time to be a Patriot.

    Euro fans that will have to sit down with the Greeks, stop loaning and work it out with the least haircut. (Better terms are better than a busted Euro now)

    Folks that thought oil and gas would keep falling forever.

    Corporations with nice earnings, especially foreign. Obama wants you.

    Folks that thought Democrats might see the dangers of spending and borrowing. $4 tril and borrow $1/2 tril.

    The number of parents not vaccinating their kindergarteners (now eligible for Darwin awards for stupid).

    For-profit colleges with 13% of the students and 46% of the defaulted student loans (put those colleges on the hook for 20%).

    Boko Haram that ran into locals that had had enough, hunters and machete wielding citizens fought back, chopping them up until troops arrived to just shoot them.

    Isis hearing Jim Baker promoting the idea that we support a Turkish led coalition to crush militant Islamists – support from air, intelligence, guidance and resources other than masses of front line US troops. See Nigeria above, we will help you to help yourself.

    • Will Durant says:

      Perhaps Nationwide should have thrown an unvaccinated kid into the mix of their pathetic schmaltz to peddle insurance.

      • Noway says:

        The ads stunk. The Budweiser puppy ad was great but I saw nothing else, no levity, no real creativity last night.

        • Rick Day says:

          Not me. I missed it. I was playing poker and waiting for the memes to be created on twitter.

          “I could have seen the gretest super bowl ever”

          “But I was dead”

          He looks like the kid from that Bruce Willis movie who sees dead people.


          Eh, Charlie?

          • Noway says:

            What are your stakes, Rick? I play with a group I’ve known since elementary school. 50 cent ante, real kid stuff…but 45 years worth of the same stories! All in all, not too shabby.

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