Alex Johnson announces bid for Georgia GOP chairman

Incumbent Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett will face at least one challenger when delegates meet at the state convention in Athens in May.

Alex Johnson announced his candidacy for state chairman, a post for which he unsuccessfully ran in 2013, on Saturday through his email list, Advance the GOP.

“Over the past years, like you, I have seen our successes in getting people who call themselves Republican elected for office. Sadly, like you, I have also seen the systemic failure of our state party in ensuring that our party’s brand is maintained,” writes Johnson in his latest email. “While you have worked hard for the party and your principles to ensure Republican victories, the state party has remained silent and supportive as some so-called ‘Republican’ politicians betray your basic core principles and destroy our brand.”

Johnson cites what he says are four examples of these betrayals committed by Georgia Republicans. These include supporting tax hikes, undermining anti-ObamaCare legislation, and anti-ridesharing legislation. He also criticizes the Georgia GOP for portraying these politicians as “leaders of the party.”

“You elect state party leadership that you expect to maintain our brand. Those people, not the politicians, are the leaders of the party,” he writes. “If we want a strong party that ensures that the Republican brand is maintained and that Republican politicians are accountable to you, we need to elect strong and principled leadership for the party.”

“Therefore,” says Johnson, “I am running for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party at the State Convention in Athens, Georgia on May 15th-16th.”

Padgett has been making the rounds to local Republican parties, pointing to the successes of the 2014 election cycle, which, he says, shows the Georgia GOP is on solid footing. He’s also tried to appear welcoming to the state’s growing liberty movement. This, however, does have some understandable caveats, as he believes, in his position as chair of the party, liberty-minded activists should always support Republican candidates, even those who may not always hold limited government, fiscally conservative views.

Disclosure: Jason is a senior writer at FreedomWorks. The views expressed in this post don’t necessarily reflect those of his employer. This post should not be taken as an endorsement of a particular candidate.


  1. Just Nasty and Mean says:

    Alex Johnson has minimal involvement and minimal contributions to the party–in ANY form.
    Any fundraisers? Any committee involvement? Any participation in County, District or State events? Few…if any.
    He only seems to pop his head up when it comes party re-election time. He doesn’t have the experience, skills or stature to build his own organization, so he and his Ron Paul Libertarians are looking to take over the Republican Party structure.

    Why not–at least ATTEMPT–to influence change the party to your view and opinions from within rather than a hostile takeover?

    Nope—that’s the hard way–and Alex Johnson doesn’t want to spend the effort—or else—maybe his ideas just don’t fly.

  2. ryanhawk says:

    Spending any time or money trying to influence the GOP is a waste of time. What’s the point? They don’t do anything that makes a difference and they represent a tiny minority of actual Republican voters. Organize outside the party structure with like minded people and quit worrying about who wears the official GOP name tag.

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