Google Fiber is Coming to Nine Metro Atlanta Cities

Who’s got two thumbs and lives in the only city in Cobb County that will soon have Google Fiber?

Google Fiber announced today that they are expanding service to nine cities in metro Atlanta, bringing gigabit speed to the cities of Atlanta, Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Decatur, Avondale Estates, Hapeville, East Point, and College Park. This includes homes and businesses within the city limits of each municipality; unincorporated areas aren’t part of the deal.

Google Fiber offers internet speeds beyond anything we’ve seen in Georgia, and this is a huge deal for economic development in every city announced today. Services will include internet and television, including a free level of internet service, and will utilize existing infrastructure like utility poles and underground conduits. The next step is for Google to continue working with each city to map out exactly how they’ll lay thousands of miles of fiber.

Perhaps most notable is what Google refers to as the “joint planning process” taken on by these cities during the past year. Representatives from each city – nearly entirely at the staff level – collaborated with a level of cooperation that we don’t hear about much in metro Atlanta. It’s something to keep in mind as the conversation continues on transportation and transit that involves actual highways, and not just the information superhighway. “There’s no end to the possibility!”

Smyrna’s press release is below; it’s pretty similar to what the other cities are putting out.


Download (PDF, 123KB)



  1. bgsmallz says:

    But wait…balkanazation!

    At some point the same old folks still feeding the same tired lines to the AJC will realize that incorporation has been happening for literally hundreds if not thousands of years because there is actually efficiency in having true local voices rather than sprawling counties. The DeKalb task force on government literally spent a year trying to come up with recommendations for ‘government’ and all they could do was a weak list and a recommendation that the county form another committee.

    I’ve made this point before about incorporation and transportation (and education…and..)…stop trying to connect counties and connect cities…maybe it’s as simple as not trying to force Kennessaw into transit but letting Smyrna/Sandy Springs/Brookhaven/Dunwoody/Chamblee/Doraville opt in to Marta for a 285-Northside train (with an .25 incremental add for existing Marta cities and the full 1.25 for Smyrna).

    Anyway, thanks for highlighting this key part of the Google Fiber news. (Soap Box off)

    While the AJC continues to try to smear cities by highlighting admittedly stupid decisions by local politicians…. things like the Mayor’s brother in Brookhaven getting a $28K carpet and painting contract… which was voted on by full council with the Mayor recused and received public comment (thanks, AJC, for letting us know that there wasn’t an ethics or criminal violation in the city exercising it’s constitutionally granted powers)…it’s refreshing to hear someone truly evaluate the affects incorporation had had on citizens and highlight that those still languishing in the unincorporated mess shouldn’t believe all the trolls.

    Thanks for the soap box…I’ll go back to my cave yet again!

    • Teri says:

      The solid word on small businesses is mixed – we’ve heard both answers from Google. Regardless, for anyone who telecommutes, this will be huge.

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