Rep. Jody Hice Gives His First Remarks From House Floor

Representative Jody Hice, the newly sworn-in Republican Congressman from Georgia’s 10th Congressional District recently gave his first speech from the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. You can watch Representative Hice’s comments in the video clip below:

Although Rep. Hice’s remarks were about setting the debate rules for 3 bills (including H.R. 240), he minced no words when it came to criticizing President Obama for overstepping the powers of the executive branch by failing to “faithfully carry out the  laws” passed by Congress. He also critiques the President for ignoring existing immigration laws “to achieve his executive amnesty objectives.”

H.R. 240, titled as the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, consists of measures to defund President Obama’s recently announced plans to defer deportation for millions of illegal immigrants, and to allow many of them to obtain work permits. This bill is also considered unlikely to pass the U.S. Senate due to the lack of Democratic support needed for its passage.


  1. Kent Kingsley says:

    I like Mr. Hice, but I wonder if he will “mince” any words about breaking his campaign promise not to vote for the Speaker on his first day in Congress.

    • Lea Thrace says:

      I dont live in this district so no dog in the hunt. I like that I am seeing some posters on here really hold his feet to the fire about breaking that campaign promise.

      But…Are yall going to remember this come election time and vote AGAINST him for it? Even if it means voting for a Democrat?

      Something tells me the answer to both will turn out to be no.

      • Noway says:

        Lea, I’ll respectfully disagree. To their voters, for both him and Loudermilk, that all-important-election-deciding broken promise was a deal breaker and will continue to be so. They could both do their best Jimmy Swaggert, “I have sinnnnnnned!” impression with blow-dried hair and tears and they’ll still be thrown out of congress in 2016.

      • blakeage80 says:

        This voter in his district will. If I’m going to vote for someone who will be ridiculed for his beliefs the whole time he’s in Congress, I at least want him to tell me the truth. I don’t know who would be in a position to run against him next primary season, but I’ll definitely be open to voting for them. #paulbrouncomeback

  2. Noway says:

    “failing to “faithfully carry out the laws” ” That’s so rich! What a freaking hypocrite!!! Where is William Safire when we need someone to be called a “congenital liar”? Has anyone heard any scuttlebutt about anyone gearing up to challenger this t*rd? Local dogcatcher, maybe!? Maybe Broun? Maybe the good doc might consider Hice’s breaking the single promise that got him elected an abomination “from the pitts of hailllllll!” Hell, I’d send him a check if he decided to challenge….

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