Colorado Governor Says Legalizing Marijuana Was A Bad Idea

The push for marijuana legalization in Georgia seems to be picking up a little bit, but if Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has advice for Governor Nathan Deal and other governors on pot legalization it’s this: wait for a couple of years.

That’s what he told reporters in an article over at The Hill:

“You don’t want to be the first person to do something like this,” he said.

He said that he tells other governors to “wait a couple of years” before legalizing marijuana as Colorado continues to navigate an unknown, non-existing federal regulatory landscape for the industry.

Trailblazing has its benefits and consequences. The voters of Colorado may not have thought that far, so that’s something for our legislators and voters (if a proposal makes it that far) to keep in mind.

Of course, Mr. Mackey has his own opinion….


  1. ieee says:

    Who are you people who think it is your right to tell your neighbor what he/she may put into his/her own body? Who are you people? Why don’t you walk over to your neighbor’s house tonight and tell them?

    Perhaps our possibly great country could embrace a culture of personal responsibility and accountability? How about what you do is your business as long as you don’t negatively affect anyone else? We need to let Darwinism run its course.

    And I’ll include a disclaimer for those of you who need it – I don’t use any illegal drugs and it’s not because they are illegal (Hell, that’s a good reason to use them, in my book).

  2. Max Power says:

    I imagine Hickenlooper saying this while rolling around on a big pile of money. Shorter version, don’t reform your marijuana laws so your citizens will continue to come to colorado and feed our tax coffers.

    • Three Jack says:

      Spot on Max. How magnanimous of Hickenlooper.

      The more states that challenge federal law (see gay rights movement with 30+ states now recognizing gay marriage), the quicker the fed will be forced to act.

  3. Will Durant says:

    What is it going to require for the FDA to remove marijuana from its classification as a Schedule I narcotic? It could be considered a joke had so many people already been deprived of life, liberty, and property because of this status.

    I can empathize a bit with this governor who is between a rock and a hard place depending upon who is running the justice department. I also suspect a bit of it could be crocodile tears as well though other than border states I doubt many would increase their tourism there just for legal weed purchases.

  4. Pelagia says:

    The equipment to test if a impaired driver was on dope will cost Colorado millions. All this because of the medical marijuana hoax…

    • dsean says:

      What new additional equipment is required to give a field sobriety test? Marijuana isn’t like alcohol, there’s no bright line number of supposed impairment that can be established because it stays in the system for much longer.

      • John Konop says:

        Agree, Huh? It is already illegal…..they require blood test today….obviously the real issue is the federal laws which are in conflict…..most the issues are bank related causing the problems….which is why the federal government issued new guidelines….if you add up tax revanue combined with less cost for inforcment process, you do need to be a math genuis to figure this out. This does include adding to poverty, estimated about 30 percent of the time because of scarlet letter type laws on people caught…..if you add up all the benifits verse the downside decrimializing it is a no brainier….this is gut politics verse rational decision making….

  5. Baker says:

    “though other than border states I doubt many would increase their tourism there just for legal weed purchases.”

    I think that is incorrect. I would love to know the traffic of 18-30 year olds through the Denver airport in 2011 versus 2013.

  6. greencracker says:

    I can believe Hick was sorry CO was the first, just because it’s always painful to be the guy who discovers the unintended, unforeseen consequences.

    CO’s getting sued by Nebraska and Oklahoma for screwing up the heartland with all their weed.

    And there’s a million other regulatory things it turns out CO had to figure out: is there a field sobriety test for weed? Should edibles have to be labelled with their potency? What do you do with all these stoned canatourists? Can you take state-legal weed into a federal park, VA hospital, university, etc? Should you let well-funded corporations set up (Weed-Mart, say) which would drive mom & pop Ganja out of business?

    I could see it being painful to sit through all the hearings for that, much less contend with the zillion constituencies arguing …

    But Hick my man, there’s an oil that will fix you right up.

    • Rick Day says:

      Actual 38 year consumer here, allow me to bust your myths, as I, ah, keep well informed.

      1. That suit by OK and NE is getting major flack from conservatives in OK, NE and TX, of all places. Pesky 10th amendment issues, and all. Now I know how conservatives like to talk about ‘states rights’ except when it don’t suit them, but this suit will probably be pulled quietly. NE has no room to complain about their neighbors when SD and the Lakota tribe is begging the state to shut down two beer distribution facilities gas stations who sell more Budweiser than the entire state combined, causing massive alcohol issues from SD ‘middlemen’ driving to Northwest NE, and bringing the beer back in box trucks. NE says its legal in their state and for SD to mind their own business. Uh huh, High Moral Ground? That is going nowhere.

      2. Son, I hate to tell you this, but there is no ‘intoxication’. That is why we don’t say we are drunk on marijuanas. Decades of studies not only say there is no negative effect on ACTUAL driving (as opposed to boring ‘impairment’ lab tests), but that cannabis consumers are LESS likely to get involved in accidents because they are AWARE they are influenced, and can safely compensate for that influence. DUI cannabis laws are a joke. Study after study says there is no valid test for impairment for cannabis. Well DUH, influence does not equal impairment folks!
      The aftereffects of cannabis and alcohol are different. One is not like the other, yet we shoehorn alcohol impairment laws into cannabis use because HIGH IS BAD. High does not mean ‘out of your mind’ it just means ‘elevated’. Can you explain how it ‘feels’ to be drunk? How drunk? Can you accurately explain how you FEEL and not how you act? I can’t and I have indeed been various levels of drunk. I’m almost 60 give me credit for living a life! The only ones who will benefit from an impairment for driving are the companies who make them and sell them to Law Enforcement. Guess what…we are already out and driving every day! About one million drivers right now today! uh….so..where are the bodies?

      3. Edibles, should they be labeled? Well DUH! The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 had anything containing cannabis and extracts. Personally I don’t like edibles, they are too strong for me, more for insomnia than relaxation. But to each their own. Edibles are a blowback from prohibition; easier to smuggle.

      4. I was a stoned cannatourist last April in CO! I stayed at a BnB (420 friendly, of course, and a very nice place), bought legal weed, bought a bit or not quite legal weed. Ate out, spent money, even flew first class ($500; thanks Delta!). What would you drop for a long weekend in Colorado hiking? So the answer to your question: “what are you going to do with the tourists?” the obvious answer is ker ching!

      5. There are places you can not smoke tobacco. There are places you can not take food or drink. Why do you think cannabis consumers are just going to walk around like Snoop or Willie with a phatty in their face 24/7? Oh yes, right – stoner stereotypes. The answer is ‘vape pens’. It is not smoking.

      6. Corporate distribution. I’ll be honest. As long as my kids and grandkids (don’t freak out, they all live out of state) will not be criminalized for possessing small amounts of cannabis when they are adults, I don’t care. I’ve read books, it seems really REALLY easy to grow. I can make my own beer and some do as a hobby. But I like the convenience of someone else doing the work. Meh..Free Market *shrugs*

      6. I hope you really meant ‘oil’ and not CBD cream. It is my experience that people who goof on sick children usually have karma to deal with, and not the good kind. I know the tone for the past 50 years has been ‘nod/wink/stoner reference’ when discussing this issue, but isn’t it time some of us take this issue seriously?

      I remain available to bust any more myths, if necessary. You have my number.

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