Let the Litigation Begin

Well, that didn’t take long. Via 11Alive:

Former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran has filed a complaint against the city alleging that he was discriminated against because of his religion.

Cochran’s attorney filed a federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint on Wednesday.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Jeremy Tedesco issued the following statement:

“Alliance Defending Freedom allied attorney Jonathan Crumly filed an EEOC complaint on behalf of Chief Cochran yesterday based on the City’s clear religious discrimination against the Chief. Americans are guaranteed the freedom to live without fear of losing their jobs because of their beliefs and thoughts. We are continuing to evaluate all available legal options to vindicate Chief Cochran after his unjust termination.”

As this story continues to unfold, Mayor Reed will have a difficult time scraping this mess off his shoe.


  1. MattMD says:

    I don’t see the “mess” in any of this. This looks like an employee who violated city procedures.

    Now if the ex-fire chief published this on his own time and had the intelligence to not distribute it while in his official capacity then there might be an issue here.

    I doubt it makes it to trial.

  2. Teri says:

    IANAL, and I don’t work for the City of Atlanta, but my resume does include firing a fire chief. It is so. easy. to turn a clear-cut policy issue into a murky stew of discrimination allegations, but if a city policy was violated, and if the city followed its own HR policies and procedures regarding firing an employee, that’s about all there is to the issue.

  3. Andrew C. Pope says:

    Some unsolicited advice for Chief Cochran and his newfound legal team:

    “Avoid wars you can’t win and never raise your flag for an asinine cause…” — Francis J. “Frank” Underwood.

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