Senator Perdue Addresses Georgians

Senator David Perdue released a video address to Georgians last night outlining his priorities. The video was almost overlooked because it was released less than three hours before the State of the Union Speech, but anyway…


“Good evening, I’m David Perdue. While it’s only been a few weeks, I can tell you one thing, I’m still the outsider in Washington. What’s sorely missing from the debate is a real sense of urgency to tackle our full-blown fiscal crisis. That’s why I’m here.

“Too many people are out of work, or have stopped looking for jobs altogether. Costs for health care and education continue to skyrocket. We are now handing our kids and grandkids a mountain of debt of $18 trillion and counting. This is just unconscionable. It’s unnecessary. And it is a grave threat to our economy and our national security.

“Clearly, the current path isn’t working. Yet, what we continue to hear from the President is more of the same. Georgians see through this empty rhetoric. They expect and deserve more from their government. They want and deserve results.

“That’s why I have hit the ground running to get Washington working again for the people of Georgia and the people of this country. To bring functionality, transparency, and accountability back to the process.

“In my first few weeks in the Senate, I introduced a Georgia-based solution called the Fair Tax, co-sponsored the bipartisan Keystone jobs bill, and also co-sponsored a term limits resolution that I want to start having an active debate on, immediately.

“These are great first steps, but we have a lot more work to do to solve our debt crisis. First, we need to cut this outrageous spending. Next, in order to grow the economy, we need to simplify our tax code, roll back regulations, and unleash our full energy potential.

“It’s time for the President to get serious about working with Congress to get things done, not circumvent the Constitution every chance he gets.

“My commitment is to fight every day for you and your family, to put Georgia first, and to make sure that Washington doesn’t get in the way. Together, we can make some real changes and get the government working for the people – for us – again. Thank you, and God bless you.”


  1. saltycracker says:

    So I start reading the politic news and the headlines are my Republicans are in an internal tiff about an abortion bill…..OMG….. with all the more important items, several on Perdue’s list, this has to be a screwed up media report…..if not Independents here I come….

      • saltycracker says:

        Arguing the morality comes when the priority number comes up and this subject is more often about distraction than action.
        BTW, personally I oppose abortion except in special circumstances, rape, incest, incurable/terminal health issues and maybe even under 18 and support public funds for orphanages for unwanted or crack/abused children………but let’s get some priority issues in the hopper first (see Perdue’s list).

      • gcp says:

        National Republicans too fixated on abortion. Some consider it the most important issue. Such thinking is unrealistic and only hurts the party.

        A more realistic position is to oppose any taxpayer funding of abortion and to leave it to states to regulate and oppose any federal judges that say otherwise.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Blah, Blah, Blah. The guy’s first action in the Senate was to vote for McConnell when he unequivocally said he won’t do so. A real pillar of integrity.

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