Morning Reads from an Airplane

Good morning to all, and to all a good morning! Who wants some reads? All of you, lest you’d be elsewhere!

“Under the Waves” by Heavy Trash. 

  1. What I’m sure is not the only time the criminal justice failed a Georgian. 
  2. Is the bellwether for the European economy Georgia? 
  3. Covington’s experiment with a dying neighborhood. 
  4. Creative Loafing‘s legislative preview. 
  5. “Roads to nowhere, rails to riches and 40 days of mayhem.”
  6. Peachtree NORML is not happy maaaaan, with the medical marijuana compromise. #QuitHarshingMyMellow
  7. Georgia’s beer laws should probably be changed. 
  8. “Selma”, which was shot in Georgia, missed out on winning a Best Oscar for Tax Breaks. (Not a real award).
  9. S-E-C! (Primary) S-E-C! (Primary)
  10. If we do get an SEC Primary, watch Ed go on several rants explaining why its an overrated primary.
  11. Glynn Co. resident works to save dogs. 
  12. The strange story of the Georgia farmer trying to raise ethical foie gras.


  1. Noway says:

    Mountain meet molehill. Patriots doctored the footballs. Give a little snicker but Belichick has always been a cheat and will always show he has no character.

      • Ed says:

        Yeah. The balls NE used on offense is why Indianapolis had three turnovers. The balls are why Blount rushed for 148 yards. The balls are why the Patriots won 45-7. It’s all figured out.

        • Lea Thrace says:

          Meh. I’m a part time Falcons fan. I had no dog in that hunt. Just commenting on the fact that Belichick is not a man that I think anyone should be looking up to. I think he is a cheater. Not a full fledged referee bribing cheater. But a dance around and back and forth over rules kind of grey area cheater.

  2. Baker says:

    Anyone else notice the post about the budget only got six comments? I figured on here of all places, folks would hammer on the budget.

    • saltycracker says:

      Well that’s 6 times as many that talked about MLK – He wanted equality and freedom for all to pursue happiness, that is not the agenda of Sharpton, Jackson, Obama or Holder.

      • TheEiger says:

        It’s highly doubtful that I would get a raise if I dropped the ball three times in one year. I won’t be testing it out to see. He should have been rewarded by simply keeping his job. He should get a bonus when he wins the East again and a bigger raise when he wins the SEC. Until then, he’s being rewarded for being mediocre.

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