Forbes Ranks Atlanta Hawks At #22 In Team Value

Forbes released its ranking today of team values for every NBA franchise. The Atlanta Hawks are ranked 22/30 with a value of $825 million, a nice increase from the 2004 purchase price of $189 million. The Hawks are currently on the market and Forbes projects that the team could be sold for as much as $1 billion.

While the team garnered its first profit in six years last season, there are a couple of upcoming media deals that should be enticing to prospective buyers. The Hawks begin a new cable television deal with Fox Sports South next season that will be worth more than twice the current deal. Also, the Hawks will benefit from the NBA’s new national media deals with Walt Disney and Time Warner beginning in the 2016-17 season that are worth 3x as much as the previous deals.

Forbes points out that the Hawks have a real issue with attendance, though. The Hawks ranked of 28/30 in attendance last year and ESPN shows that the Hawks are 24th in attendance so far this season. Attendance has been low despite the Hawks owning the second longest current playoff streak of seven years, coming in only behind the San Antonio Spurs.  They also have the second best record in the NBA this season, standing 1/2 game behind Golden State for the best record.

Bleacher Report has an ongoing collection of rumors on the potential sale of the Hawks, including the possibility of Hank Aaron owning part of the team. Thankfully, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the current ownership team are trying to keep the Hawks in Atlanta. Commissioner Silver shared his views:

I do want to see the Hawks stay in Atlanta, and we’ve made that clear to the market. I don’t think it will be a real issue, because I would be shocked if they were to sell to a group whose intention it was to even seek to transfer the team out of Atlanta.


  1. William Satterwhite says:

    Baker, I don’t think the idea is writing off the OTP crowd so much as just not focusing solely/mostly there. In a sense it makes sense- unlike football which is one game a week and primarily on the weekend, the Hawks have to attract fans all throughout the week and given the oft-discussed traffic issues with OTP fans getting in and out of the city core, it makes sense for a team with no appreciable base (as opposed to the Braves who know they have a sizable core OTP) to try to focus more on fans who at least can get to the games easier. Regarding the Hawks attendance woes, it is worth noting that it has been way up in recent weeks as more people have caught on to the idea the team is actually a strong contender and not just a flash in the pan.

    That is a great article by the way, can’t recommend it enough.

    • Harry says:

      Attendance would really improve if they could start to make headway (not choke) in the playoffs at least some years.

      • Baker says:

        Yeah. I think this is really the story. Forget the Levenson email, forget anything Steve Koonin says, win in the playoffs and people will start coming. Call it fair weather or whatever but some semblance of chance in the playoffs would help attendance huge. Kind of like what’s happening now.

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