Keith Golden Announces Retirement From GDOT

Keith Golden, Commissioner for Georgia’s Department of Transportation, has announced to employees that he will retire at the end of this month.  A career engineer with the agency, Golden has led the agency through a period where it sought to rebuild a public image of trust after many high profile issues kept former Commissioners and the Department in the news.  GDOT has been focused on internal efficiencies and increasing outward transparency.  He leaves the department better than when he found it, all the while figuring out how to do “more with less” on our transportation network.

His email to employees is below the jump:

From: Golden, Keith
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2015 1:10 PM
Subject: Planning for the Next Phase of Life

GDOT Employees:

I wanted to share with the staff that I notified the State Transportation Board on Wednesday that I planned to apply for retirement effective January 31, 2015.  Working at the Georgia Department of Transportation for almost 28 years has been incredible.  GDOT has the hardest working staff in state government, and you continue to be one of the premier transportation agencies in the county.  I will always be proud of what we have and will continue to accomplish.

The State Transportation Board is doing a great job in working with the State Legislature and the Governor’s Office to attempt to identify adequate future transportation funding.  Many on our staff have spent the last few months making a strong business case for the critical need.  Transportation funding is going to be one of the primary topics during the legislative session and that is one of the primary reasons I thought it would be the proper time for me to retire.  Many of you know that I had met my retirement eligibility last year.  I wanted to be a participant in the Joint Transportation Infrastructure Study Committee to contribute what I could.  The Study Committee completed their work on the last day of December with a menu of options for consideration.  Knowing that I would potentially retire this year, I did not think it would be appropriate for me to overly active in seeking the much needed funding.

GDOT has a great team in place and the best days are still ahead of us.  I also could not let Paul Liles beat me out with his 45 plus years of service!

I cannot thank the over 4,100 employees enough for what they have meant to me.

Keith Golden

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  1. Dave Bearse says:

    One of the hwy operational characteristics marking Golden’s term were speed limit increases:

    I-285 from 55mph to fixed and variable 65mph (despite the carping, I think the variable limits a good thing—variable limits simply require some motorists learn that the major purpose of GA’s use of variable limits is to telegraph congestion information about congestion ahead)

    I-675 to 65mph throughout

    I-75 metro south to Macon to 70mph throughout

    55mph to 65mph on numerous segments of rural divided hwys (not that there already weren’t 65mph limits on some, but they are becoming more widespread—I noticed an increase to 65mph on sections of US84 during my last visit to southwestern GA)

    I support the speed limit increases, but I’d like to see an examination of crash history before and after.

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