::UPDATE:: Fannin County Attorney Says Stewart Is Making False Claims–Stewart Refutes County Attorney’s Claim

I received an email from Lynn Dillard-Doss, County Attorney of Fannin County, with a press release from her citing that employment claims made by state Kelly Stewart, who is facing Brad Raffensperger in a February 3rd run-off to fill the vacancy in House District 50 left by Lynn Riley after she was appointed by Governor Nathan Deal to be his new revenue commissioner, are not true.

In the email, Doss stated that she was county attorney at the time and that Kelly Stewart, neé Mull, was a secretary (administrative assistant) for the Fannin County Board of Commissioners and not a county administrator as she claims in an interview by County Line magazine and on her Johns Creek City Council biography (links provided by Ms. Dillard-Doss in the press release).

According to the press release, a “pattern of deceit” was a major factor that lead to Stewart’s termination in 1999 according to Mrs. Yvonne McNelley who served as a Fannin County Commissioner at that time. Commissioner McNelley went further to say in the presser:

“We ended Stewart’s employment because of this issue as well as the fact that she had a pattern of abusing taxpayer dollars, including using taxpayer funds to make purchases that were clearly personal in nature,” said Commissioner McNelley.

“We investigated Kelly Stewart’s abuse of taxpayer dollars and found that she had made multiple unauthorized expenditures for personal items included self-help videos, unauthorized expensive meals, and gift purchases,” said Commissioner McNelley.

The actions of Stewart ultimately lead to the recall and eventual removal of then-Commission Chairman Cline Bowers according to McNelley.

The voters will elect the person who will best represent them, but Fannin County, through their county attorney, issued the press release to rebuke Ms. Stewart’s claims of her position within the Fannin County government.


We received a response from Ms. Stewart’s campaign rebutting the rebut from Fannin County Attorney Lynn Dillard-Doss regarding her employment with Fannin County:


This may top them all.

You never know what your opponent will say in a campaign, but today’s allegations from the Raffensperger campaign were so outlandish they actually made me laugh out loud when I read them.

Their newest line: Kelly Stewart embellished her resume and never served as a county administrator.

Considering the massive amount of documents to the contrary, you have to be pretty bold — or pretty desperate — to make such a claim.

Maybe he thought no one would question him?

That said, claims like this, if unanswered, tend to fester and I thought it best to make sure you heard from me first.

I’d love for you to watch this short video message from me by clicking here.

In it, I address my role as a County Administrator. Documented in newspaper headlines, dozens of county documents and even an old Georgia City-County Management Association Membership Directory that I found.

It is clear my opponent is chasing unicorns, hoping for a fairy tale ending to his nightmarish personal, professional, and political problems.

Regardless all of the reams of documents that clearly discredit this baseless nonsense, you have even more convincing evidence I am telling the truth.

My word.

Unlike my opponent, when I say something, I mean it.

Unfortunately for Johns Creek, the only person not being honest in this race is Brad Raffensperger.

To date, he has yet to produce any documents that prove he has paid his 30 plus legal judgments, lawsuits, and tax liens.

You have my word that I will continue being honest with you by giving you the straight talk.

Please call me on my cell phone with any questions [cell number redacted]

Kelly Stewart

I’ll note that I mentioned earlier in the post that the email I received was directly from the county attorney’s email address and not through Mr. Raffensperger’s campaign. However, here are both sides for those who live in House District 50 as well as outside observers.


  1. Fanninctypost says:

    Fannin County’s form of government does not provide for a County Administrator. From the time it was created until 1969, Fannin County was governed by a sole commissioner. An Act of the State Legislature created a three man Board of Commissioners for Fannin County in 1969. Fannin County has had a three member Board of Commissioners since 1969. Fannin County is considered to be one of the 34 Georgia counties in Georgia that has a traditional form of County Commission. The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners is elected by the voters and the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners operates as the chief executive officer. (See the Carl Vinson Institute’s Handbook for Georgia County Commissioners). Fannin County’s form of government does not provide for a County Administrator and it does not provide for a County Manager. It never has.

    Ms. Mull may have printed a business card that says that she is [was] the County Administrator for Fannin County and there may even be a news paper with that headline, but that does not make it so.

    Students of history may recall seeing newspaper headlines that named Dewy as President. Harry Truman presidency would point to the fallacy of that headline.

    Ms. Kelly Mull [now Stewart] was an employee of Fannin County in the Office of the Board of Commissioners. She was not the County Administrator because that is not the form of government that Fannin County is authorized to have.

    The Act (of the Georgia Legislature) of 1969 that created a three man Board of Commissioners to govern Fannin County does not provide for a County Administrator. Neither the former Fannin County Chairman, Cline Bowers nor Ms. Mull could create such a position, because to do so would have been a violation of the Act. The fact that Mr. Bowers attempted to create such a position was one of the enumerated grounds in the Application for Recall Petition to Recall Cline Bowers. Mr. Bowers was recalled from office. Ms. Mull’s failure to conform to the form of government that was and is in existence for Fannin County is one of the reasons that she was terminated.

  2. AlanR says:

    So . . . what you’re really saying is that Fannin County doesn’t really have a county administrator? No County Administrator in Fannin County? Just to be clear: No County Administrator in Fannin. Am I right? Or did I miss something?

  3. Will Durant says:

    “Here’s a quarter, call someone who…”

    That lyric doesn’t work anymore.

    Here’s a burner, call someone who cares.

    How do they propose to vote on the issues of the day? Do they differ and in what ways?

  4. fultonrighty says:

    Why does Kelly Stewart say this is an attack from Brad Raff-etc? Isn’t it a press release from the attorney of Fannin Co.? Is KS attempting to look like she is only “defending” herself from his “smear?” Pretty tacky, but it might work for her to get the focus off herself and the issue onto how “mean” he is. Oh campaigns. Like the rest of Johns Creek, I can’t wait till this one is over.

  5. Just Nasty and Mean says:

    There is a consistent thread, here. One of Ms.Mull/Stewart’s honesty and forthrightness.
    First she openly claims she didn’t vote for a tax increase in Johns Creek, and public record proves that is patently false. Not only did she vote against a motion to neutralize taxes, but she ALSO voted FOR keeping the millage the same–prompting what the State of Georgia legally calls–a TAX INCREASE.
    Now comes this unprompted position from Fannin County that there is ANOTHER false claim by Ms. Mull/Stewart 1) was never a County Administrator, but 2) was terminated for improper taxpayer revenue expenditures and making false remarks.
    The pattern from Ms. Mull/Stewart: Lack of Integrity, Lack of Trustworthiness and Honesty.
    Strike Three……

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