Should John Fox be the Next Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons?

Major news out of the Mile High City this evening could impact the Dirty Birds.

John Fox and the Broncos have mutually agreed to part ways.

A week ago, I spoke on WABE-FM about the possibility of Rex Ryan coming to Atlanta. Today’s news that Ryan has accepted the top job in Buffalo — and now Fox’s departure from Denver — may change the entire landscape of the Falcons’ coaching search.

Denver offensive coordinator Adam Gase — who has interviewed with the Falcons — could now emerge as the top candidate to replace Fox . There has also been a lot of speculation that the reason the Falcons’ coaching search has taken so long is that there are no “it” guys on the market this year. Ryan’s was the biggest coaching name out there, and he’s off the market.

But now, Fox has to be considered the top head coaching candidate. He’s a proven winner, he’s the big name that Arthur Blank supposedly desires, and he’s available.

Should Blank pick up the phone right now and bring John Fox to Atlanta?



  1. androidguybill says:

    In a word … no. While a case can be made for hiring a retread (Mike Shanahan and Bill Belicheck won Super Bowls in their second jobs) I do not think that the success record for guys in their third jobs is very high. Dan Reeves is probably the fellow that had the most success in his 3rd job in getting the Falcons to the Super Bowl. Except that Fox didn’t have the success that Reeves had … Reeves had been to 4 Super Bowls before taking the Falcons job. Fox has been to 2.

    The main thing is that Fox was the Carolina head coach and he never got them to consecutive playoff berths. It wasn’t all his fault, as Carolina didn’t have very good QB play for most of his time there. But Carolina’s current coach, Rivera, isn’t that good, and even he was able to get them to back to back division titles and even win a playoff game, and that team isn’t even very good.

    If the Falcons wanted a retread they should have pulled the trigger on Rex Ryan. Or they should wait and give Josh McDaniels a shot. But John Fox should be just about last on the list of coaches. I would honestly rather have Mike Smith back than Fox. And that is another thing: why go from one defensive coach to another? Get an offensive guy to see if he can make Matt Ryan better. Ryan has gone from looking like a future Hall of Famer early in his career to honestly being the 3rd best QB in the division right now.

  2. Will Durant says:

    Can they get any coach that will entice enough people to buy $20K PSLs?

    I recently attended the Peach Bowl and the Dome still seems perfectly serviceable to me.

  3. Richard says:

    I visited the Falcons office to find out the location and cost of my tickets for the new stadium. I am happy to report that paying $180,000 for my ticket license for four seats in the lower level on the 45 plus $385 per game per ticket reminded me of the old saw about normally being kissed first before being screwed. I chose to remain a virgin, and I suspect I will not be alone. My wife is very happy right now. Supposedly every ticket will require a personal license, the money from which will be used to partially fund the construction of the new stadium that no one but some politicians and Arthur Blank wanted. The middle class in Atlanta is being completely priced out of the new stadium. Is this crass discrimination at its worst? It’s not like the Falcons are the Patriots, Packers, Cowboys, Ravens, 49er’s, Seahawks, Steelers, or any other franchise with an admirable record. Where is Rankin Smith when we need him?

    • benevolus says:

      I’m going to play devils advocate (or Arthur Blanks, at least) and say this: Presumably he is thinking that more money allows better players and a better team and a better chance to win more. If ordinary people are priced out of seeing games live, would they rather have a losing team instead?
      Besides (the logic goes), most of these tickets will go to corporations and many of the tix will end up in the hands of their employees, who are ordinary people.
      I also predict that Arthur will team up with somebody like Dean Kaman and develop and sell a sensory helmet that makes it feel just like you are at the game while comfortably sitting on your couch at home, for a subscription fee a fraction of the price of a real ticket.

      • Richard says:

        You are definitely a glass half full kind of person. If you want to buy a PSL and don’t have the cash, they will allow you to pay it in installments at, I believe, an 8% interest rate. I’ll be glad to hook you up with a sales person. By the way, the contestants for this weekend and the Super Bowl play in mostly older and cheaper stadiums; no, this is all about putting shekels in Blank’s pocket.
        As to who uses them, the people around me in the Club Level, and I’ve had the same tickets since the Dome opened, mostly use them themselves. The boxes are the corporate seats, and I know two box owners that have also opted out. As to your prediction, maybe so, but with a good surround system and a big screen, you are pretty much there already. All you miss is the traffic and the incompetent Atlanta cops and Sheriff’s deputies creating more problems than they solve.

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