Peach Pundit Radio – Live Today at Noon

Back in the day, there were only three channels on the TV, CBS, NBC, and that new upstart ABC. It certainly wasn’t the 500 channel omnipresent media source it is today, available through cable, Hulu or YouTube. Before ESPN, there was an hour of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, delayed by the time it took film to make it from Japan to the United States. And of course, people had only one television, a black and white model.

Really though, that wasn’t a problem. Because there was radio. Almost every room in the house had a radio, which featured a dial you could turn to select the AM station you wanted to listen to. In addition to programming staples like Art Linkletter and Paul Harvey, game shows were a popular genre, featuring daily broadcasts where unwitting participants could win prizes, something like this:

A lot has changed since then. We’ve gone from three TV networks received via a set-top antenna augmented with tin foil to hundreds of channels delivered through a cable or on our phones.

Radio has changed as well. Instead of silly game shows that try to pick a winner and entertain the audience, we have Peach Pundit Radio, where Charlie, Buzz and I will try to entertain the audience by picking the winners from the many contestants lined up as bills that will be introduced in the Georgia House and Senate during the legislative session that starts on Monday.

Tune in from Noon until 1 on Talk Radio 640 WGST. We look forward to informing some of you. For the rest, we hope three bars of gold land on top of you when you least expect it.