Morning Reads for Friday, January 9, 2015

– Huzzah! Say hello to The Kudzu Killer.
– Don’t look now – you might see a T-SPLOST.
– What? That new stadium isn’t enough? Blood. Turnip. Etc.
Credit card breach at Chick-fil-A?
– An ESA would have been nice…

– How sausage is made. Or something.
What could go wrong?
– Why Congress is Broken.
An alliteration for Jessica.
Aren’t you glad you don’t live in Mississippi?

Random Everywhere:
– The 1795 time capsule placed by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere has been opened in Boston.
– History in Buckhead for sale.

…and don’t forget…
The Peach Pundit Roadshow (following the Wild Hog Supper)
Gordon Biersch Midtown (848 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30308)
January 11, 2015, 7:30pm – 9:30pm


    • saltycracker says:

      Nah, freeze your credit inquiries and buy everything with cash back free credit card, never debit or cash.

      • Noway says:

        Another option…do you have a specific card you’d recommend? I do everything in cash, with the exception of Amazon. I guess if they get hacked, I’m potentially screwed. The Clark Howard freeze thing is good!

        • saltycracker says:

          If you have/open a Fidelity Investment account – I auto deposit to cash account:

          AMEX: 2%
          VISA: 1.5%

          No exceptions, no reward limits, no gimmicks
          ATT may stick it to me every month but I get at least a free six pack of beer to drown my anger.
          Beats about all point reward cards……

  1. northside101 says:

    The Downtown Connector southbound (from Atlantic Station to Williams Street exit) has been Hell the last 2 mornings—and the Williams Street exit looks to be the culprit—when it backs up, so does traffic merging at 75-85 by Brookwood. Anyone know what is going on? A convention in town? If so, a traffic plan or planning period—like a later start to a convention—would be appreciated so we’re not stuck in 7 lanes of mixing and merging.

    • MattMD says:

      Some idiot at America’s Mart planned an event around the time AM rush was ending.

      It was backed up to Cumberland yesterday. Damn those people.

    • Ed says:

      I love that exit when there’s an event going on downtown. A three-mile long line for the exit in the right because no one realizes its a two-lane exit. They get close, see the two arrows indicating two lanes… nope. Everyone just sits there.

  2. Noway says:

    Did y’all see yesterday where Obama wants to pay for two years of community college for everybody? Well, isn’t that sweet! Buy votes much there, Senior President? Our country is irretrievably broken. We have 17 trillion reasons that show as much. And the article on Johnson’s War on Poverty? I wonder how much better our country would have become if those folks who actually earned the 20 tril that was seized were able to have spent and invested their own money…

      • Noway says:

        Oh, I agree we’re raising a population of morons, but as far as buying everyone two free years of college, to hell with that.

  3. John Konop says:

    As with physics every action creates a reaction….this will have a major impact on countries like Russia, Venezuela….ie big down turn….it will effect regions in our country like Texas, North Dakota, Alaska….ie with less tax revenue and gross sales…..but overall this will help America on a macro since 70% of our economy is consumer spending…We will see an increase in local tax revenue via spending going up ie more cash in pocket via lower fuel prices more money to blow on products and services….We need to make sure we use this time to fix infrastructure, so we are a head of the game when prices go back up… physics of economics bounces up and down….

    Why Oil Prices Are Headed Below $35 a Barrel

    ……..New estimates from Bank of America Merrill Lynch put the short-term floor somewhere below $35 a barrel — a drop that would represent a decline of nearly 30 percent from here as the market is oversupplied by about a million barrels of oil per day. Options traders are starting to place bets that prices could fall into the $20s in the months to come………..

    ………Oil demand is unlikely to soak up the excess supply anytime soon, with Europe stalled, Japan picking up the pieces from its recent sales tax hike and China still trying to control its runaway housing and fixed-asset investment bubbles without pricking its bad debt problem………

    …..Long story short: In the short-term, prices could very well drop below $35 a barrel to incite U.S. production cuts before recovering into the $70s as Saudi Arabia opens the spigots and captures market share.
    In other words, get used to lower gas prices. They’ll be here for a while……..

    • saltycracker says:

      Default by Russia, Venezula, others will be a big hit for the US and Euro markets and a destabilization for many areas of the world.
      Soft landings are preferred.

      • John Konop says:

        I do not think Russia will default via they do have a revenue producing asset ie oil unlike real estate problems in China with large cities built that are ghost towns, via nobody to buy and or rent. China and Russia are both able to do creative banking to keep it all out of default. The real issue will be consumption….they will not have enough money to circulate to keep the lower income people happy fixing the above problems…bad already, it will get even worse for lower income people ….and it will drag higher income people into the mess….ie slow down…the lower fuel prices will help in China…not so great news in Russia. This will effect our exports….which is why we should focus more on internal consumption….being we may be the best customer for our own products…ie stronger dollar and better job outlook….I do think our economy will still do fine short term… BUT, we better have a plan beyond what is front of our noses….

  4. xdog says:

    “overall this will help America on a macro since 70% of our economy is consumer spending”

    I wonder. If you drive 20000 miles per year and get 25 mpg, saving $1 per gallon means $800 extra annually, or less than $20 per week. I’m afraid the bulk of that will go to extra chips and sodas instead of paying down debt or buying a major appliance.

  5. ieee says:

    Vote “no” against T-SPLOST and all other taxes.

    Nanny big government (NBG) is too big and harassing. They can shrink and divert that money to transportation. NBG can stop all their harassing “wars” on various groups of citizens and do something useful for a change.

  6. benevolus says:

    That Harris Blackwood is pretty funny.
    I hope that kudzu killer stuff works. I’m gonna need me some.

    • George Dickel says:

      The women who have worked for him at the GOHS apparently don’t think he’s very funny.

      Seriously, is there anyone in Hall County who Nathan Deal hasn’t appointed to a high-paying state job?

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