Morning Reads for January 7th.

Last week I said spring had sprung. Mother Nature lol-ed at that.

“Hearsay” by 31 Knots.

  1. What happens when Cobb County Commissioner Tim Lee and AJC Charles Gay bump into each other at Christmas Eve services? 
  2. If you guessed: a somewhat-less-than-Christian interaction you would be correct!
  3. Georgia leads the nation with 829,000 citizens “under supervision” from the state. #freedom
  4. Apparently those visions of a well-developed Gulch were just a pipe dream. 
  5. Social Engineering and Transit-Oriented Development: The Rhetoric that Keeps Atlanta from Progressing.  #TotalClickBait
  6. A very dark side to Atlanta’s streetcar history, from The Boston Globe.
  7. Ralph David Abernathy’s family is none-too-happy with how he was portrayed in “Selma.” 
  8. GPBI says: “Unaccountable Agriculture Tax Breaks Hurting Rural Georgia.” 
  9. The most hotly-anticipated Atlanta restaurants of 2015. 


  1. xdog says:

    Ed, please change that state-supervision figure. We’re not expecting an 80% participation rate in Georgia until next generation at the earliest.

  2. John Konop says:

    I said this for years…..

    …………The Overcriminalization of America

    How to reduce poverty and improve race relations by rethinking our justice system………

    …..Finally, after a sentence is served, we should restore all rights to youthful and non-violent offenders, such as those involved in personal drug use violations. If ex-offenders can’t get a job, education or housing, how can we possibly expect them to have a productive life? And why should we be surprised when more than half of the people released from prison are again incarcerated within three years of their release?……..

    Read more:

  3. Lwood says:

    829,000 is close to the population of Gwinnett County which gives an idea of what those under supervision would require if they where all in one place.

  4. penguin says:

    Tax breaks and tax laws that advantage preferred groups can only stimulate the economy. How dare you try to use facts to try and disprove that.

  5. Lea Thrace says:

    I am truly baffled today yall. Not at the votes of Hice and Loudermilk. But at those who are genuinely shocked that a politician made empty promises. THEY ARE POLITICIANS. It’s what they do.

    Free advice: No matter which side of the aisle you are on, they are going to lie to you. The probability of this increases with the increase in level of office. That’s politics 101.

    Bonus tip: The more ideologically pure they project themselves to be, the more likely they will lie and show their true hypocrisy.

    There. I’ve done my good deed for the day.

  6. ieee says:

    Regarding the number of people that nanny big government (NBG) Georgia is “supervising”, do not forget to add in the approximately 20,000 people and their families who are listed on Georgia’s Sex Offender Registry (perhaps around 50,000 people total). The “supervision” of those people is a make-government-jobs program that is even more useless and wasteful than for the hundreds of thousands on probation or parole.

    The latest farce of the criminal law enforcement agencies’ (CLEAs) “supervision” of those families is to track them with their vehicle license plate readers. These CLEAs think it is very important to track when and where all family members are shopping, visiting friends, going to church, visiting doctors, consulting with attorneys, visiting civil rights groups, etc. There are no Americans who support that harassment but criminal government doesn’t care of course. They’re “pratektin” people.

    They love “supervising” “sex offenders” yet somehow NBG and their terrorist supporters have failed miserably to get the rest of their Registries created. Georgia does not even Register people who shoot people with guns. Georgia does not Register career criminals. Amazing.

    F NBG and their terrorist supporters. I will do anything I can to ensure they are broke and dysfunctional. Any goal that they have, I am against.

  7. saltycracker says:

    GATE and multiple tax breaks for the largest land holders and most influential in rural GA can not be married with low wage earners expecting services from layers of bureaucracy in very small cities and very small counties. Your rep had made his decisions so consolidate or pay up to hold on to “tradition”.

  8. MattMD says:

    Ed, I forgot to commend you for the hate you brought to the SEC this past year. It may have had some small part in them losing every single meaningful bowl game they played in.

    I guess the Georgia win was decent, though.

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