#GA12 – Rick Allen On His Pro-Boehner Vote

While Reps. Hice and Loudermilk drew most of the spotlight yesterday about the Speaker of the House vote, there were definitely some grumblings from GA-12 about Rick Allen’s vote for Speaker Boehner. Most of it stemmed from a video circulating around Twitter and Facebook in which Rick Allen simply answered “Yes” at a primary debate when asked “Will you be in support having new leadership in the House, if elected?”  The short video can be seen below.

Daniel Malloy of the AJC reported that Allen, along with Loudermilk and Hice, all voted against Boehner in November during the voice vote, which they believe fulfilled their campaign promises not to vote for Boehner.  The AJC also included the following quote from newly sworn-in Rep. Allen:

“Georgia’s going to be a major force in the 114th Congress. Everyone took note of the state’s unanimity for Boehner.”

Reporter Rahul Bali went directly to Rep. Allen to ask why Allen supported Boehner. Allen stated that neither Rep. Gohmert nor his supporters or his office reached out to him, while several of Boehner’s supporters did. He said that he could not vote for someone that did not reach out to him. The Boehner supporters that contacted him included Rep. Westmoreland from GA and the chairmen of the two committees that Rep. Allen is serving on:  the House Committee on Agriculture and the House Education and Workforce Committee. There was no mention about calls from GA-12 citizens.

Allen said that he will meet with Speaker Boehner and work on the things that they agree on. Rep. Allen stated that progress has been made over the last four years, despite the difficulties of Boehner having to deal with President Obama and Sen. Harry Reid. He feels that Boehner deserves the opportunity to implement real change going forward. Allen further shared that he learned that Boehner had the second highest conservative voting record before becoming Speaker, though Allen candidly stated that he was not sure what happened to Boehner after he was elected as Speaker.

Rep. Allen now has an official House website, Twitter feed, and Facebook page for constituents and other concerned citizens to keep in contact with the Republican congressman.

The full 2 minutes or so of audio from Allen’s interview with Rahul Bali can be found after the break.


  1. saltycracker says:

    You don’t get this kind of reversal of positions from so many smart guys unless they were reached out to for a come to Jesus meeting. Not so much threats as making sure that they were appreciated on the committees and policy decisions and hoped they would continue…..while conveying a clear message if they weren’t team players all bets were off.
    Who hasn’t been there ?

    • Al Gray says:

      The question is not who hasn’t been there, it is who has had the backbone to hold to his principles.

      Rick Allen failed.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Allen couldn’t deign to vote for other than Boehner because no one reached out to him—he’s becoming Congressional already.

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