Dutton Joins Convention of States Project

Former State Representative and U.S. House candidate Delvis Dutton has taken a position with the Convention of States Project, where he will be a regional legislative director, according to a press release.

“We are eager to have Delvis Dutton join the Convention of States Project national team,” said Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Convention of States Project and President of Citizens for Self-Governance. “Having a former state legislator as part of the national team will be instrumental in boosting our communication and education efforts among state legislators. As a former state legislator, Delvis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will reinforce our national expertise, bridge our legislative communications and education efforts, and provide first-hand experience to our national leadership team.”

“Understanding our history and Founding is paramount to solving all of America’s challenges,” stated Dutton. “Our Founding has been omitted from the history books and we’re not thinking about problem solving based on understanding the founding principles of this nation. I am pleased to join The Convention of States Project at this critical time in America’s history. We, The People, through the states, have the Constitutional duty to protect limited government, fiscal responsibility, and halt the abuses from the federal government.”

Dutton represented House District 157 for four years, before running in the Republican primary in the 12th District. That primary was won by Rick Allen, who went on to defeat John Barrow in November.

In 2014, Georgia became one of the first states to approve several bills which set the parameters for an Article V convention. Proponents of an Article V Convention claim that they can call for a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution for very specific purposes, such as one to set term limits for legislators, or to pass a balanced budget amendment. Others worry that once the convention is called, any amendment could be proposed and voted on, up to and including a complete rewrite of the document.

A Convention of States can be held once two thirds of the states have passed the resolution calling for it. Proponents hope to get to that point this year, and have the Article V Convention in 2016.


  1. Will Durant says:

    Still leery of giving editing privileges to the entire Constitution to populists and radio personalities. But more importantly, what is the gig paying?

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