December Tax Revenues Are Up in Georgia

An announcement was made today by Gov. Deal stating that Georgia’s net tax collections for December were almost $1.91 billion, an increase of about $158 million (9%) from December, 2013. This brings the net tax revenue collections to $9.61 billion for the fiscal year, which is up $517 million (5.7%) from last year.

The following is a breakdown of some of the increases from last December:

Description Amount Collected Increase Over Dec. 2013 Percentage Increase
Individual income taxes $1.09 billion $128.5 million 13.4%
Gross Sales & Use Tax $833.9 million $41.4 million 5.2%
Net Sales & Use Tax $431.04 million $16.658 million 4.0%
Corporate income taxes $187.242 million $33.86 million 22.1%


The full report can be seen after the break.

Download (PDF, 22KB)


    • Raleigh says:

      Interesting, now just where did those “corporations” get the money to pay their taxes.

      Hint: It wasn’t from a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow……….

      • MattMD says:

        Where did I get the money to pay my taxes last year?

        Hint: It wasn’t from a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow….

        So, now, can I say I don’t pay income taxes?

        Please consider cracking a micro book before you go into this again.

        • Raleigh says:

          I guess you need it spelled out. If you are a business you got the money to pay you taxes from your CUSTOMER who paid you for your product….. Try reading your micro book before asking others to do it for you. Then you can graduate to something more mature.

          • benevolus says:

            I’m not sure what your point is. Most taxpayers get their money to pay taxes from their employers, which also comes from customers. All money comes from “customers”, doesn’t it? What other money is there?

            • Al Gray says:

              Wrong question and wrong answer.

              The more critical point is not that the taxes comes from customers but where the customers are located. To the end that taxes are in the cost of exported products, those taxes are passed to payers outside of the state.

              This factor is never mentioned in these discussions. Care needs to be taken with tax reform – it has not been with the avalanche of sales tax cuts and income tax credits in recent years – to assure that a proven, functional tax collection method with $100’s of millions in-streaming funds, much of it born out of state, is not flushed away on a whim or some ideological theory which offers no similar assurance that equivalent tax collections will materialize.

              That should be the true definition of “conservatism,” not theoretical leaps of fantasy that don’t materialize, while the costs previously funded not only materialize, but expand.

  1. saltycracker says:

    From Nov numbers does this mean around 25% of total revenue (almost 50% of corporate) comes in Dec ?

    Eyebrow raise is still corporate, lots of effort and stirring for a fraction of the mix with individual and sales tax.

  2. ieee says:

    Terrible news.

    Nanny big government (NBG) will not shrink if they have more money. They will grow even bigger. The only good NBG is a broke NBG (defeat SPLOST!!).

    The good news is now Georgia can FINALLY create a Gun Offender Registry. I have a right to know if my neighbor shot his last neighbor. For that matter, I have a right to know if any of my neighbors have ever committed any crime. We need to Register every person who has ever committed any crime that has harmed anyone. If it saves one child, it’s worth it.

    So come on legislators, stop the “protecting children” lies, grow a pair, and get the rest of the Registries created. It should have been done a decade ago.

      • Al Gray says:

        In a way it is satire…..or a tragedy……what this means is that revenues are at last up to 2007 levels.

        • ieee says:

          It was not a penalty box. It was a “censor what people who read Peach Pundit think its readers and writers believe” box. A way to distort reality.

      • ieee says:

        Part of it is satire.

        But not the part about it being terrible news that Georgia has more money. Georgia government is way too big and harasses way too many people. They are a criminal regime. I would love to see the state have about 1/100 of the money that they have. That would partially control them.

        The part about the Gun Offender and other Registries was sarcastic. However, there are zero excuses to have Sex Offender Registries (SORs) and not have the rest of those Registries. It makes no sense at all and it is complete proof that the SORs are not REALLY for “public safety”, “protecting children”, or any of those other lies. The SORs are for harassing families. Period. And no American supports them. But if we are going to have SORs, we have to have the rest of the Registries. It’s for the children.

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