Rep. Loudermilk Explains Why His First Vote Broke a Major Campaign Promise

You will recall that while campaigning for congress, then-State Sen. Barry Loudermilk said he would note vote for John Boehner to be Speaker of the House. With his first vote as a congressman, Loudermilk broke that pledge by voting for Speaker Boehner.

You ask why; he answers with the following statement:

This past November, Congressional Republicans were given the opportunity to nominate a candidate for Speaker of the House, yet no one stood up to present a viable alternative. When Republicans chose our nominee, I was one of three who voted for new leadership. However, nearly two months later, we still were not presented with another serious candidate.

“Moving forward, I strongly encourage Speaker Boehner to listen more closely to the voices of the conservative electorate who sent members like me to Congress. Unlike any other time in America history, we are facing an unprecedented era of government overreach and power and must remain focused on the issues at hand: reducing our national debt, protecting our homeland security and preserving liberty for future generations.”

In case you were wondering, this now makes Loudermilk a RINO. He has company with 172 other Republicans in being labeled with a now-meaningless insult. 

Speaking of meaningless, the second paragraph of his statement reads like a Republican “Mad Libs”. His PR team should come up with original, compelling messages if he wishes to affect change in D.C.


  1. SmyrnaSAHM says:

    You mock the golden phraseology of having “Unlike any other time in American history,” and “unprecedented” in the same sentence?

    • Ed says:

      To borrow a line from “Blades of Glory”: No one knows what it means but it’s provocative! It gets the people going!

  2. blakeage80 says:

    I said the same of Hice that I’ll state here. He didn’t stick with it, making his first vote look like CYA for when he voted for Boehner later.

  3. Noway says:

    Sighhhh…not even in office for an afternoon and both he and Hice go native. Listening to Erick, too, and he’s more pissed that me. They talk of no other viable candidates? Gomert is viable! I’m hugely disappointed. And just plain tired of lies . It’s called Leadership, boys. I don’t care if they get put on the sh**iest committees know to God. You guys go there for one reason only: to represent them that voted for your sorry a$$es based on what you told us you were gonna do. You both suck.

  4. MattMD says:

    I’m beginning to think that people are so naive (maybe just plain dumb) that a politician can just say anything to get elected. I mean, it’s like not there are any real-world consequences for shooting from the hip, right? I’m sure going in and swinging your (redacted) as a freshman congressman would not leave any bad impression with the senior leadership.

    Hell, I bet you could run against Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid even though they are 2-3 time zones away and people will eat it up!

  5. Al Gray says:

    “we are facing an unprecedented era of government overreach and power”

    So Loudermilk, you went out on your first day and voted for the overreaching-est guy, a prince of the the Washington establishment in POWER? Your follow up lie is worse than the original one and your ‘solution’ is absurd on its face – it sounds like “destroying the village to save the village”.

    Tea party folks get no sympathy from me. Loudermilk voted for TSPLOST didn’t he? At least the vilified Jonathan Gruber was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Loudermilk is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. The GOP sheep got shorn. They are MAAAAAA…..MAAAAAA….dddd!

  6. Harry says:

    I for one can accept their vote for Boehner. Politics is the art of the possible, a power game, but our boys still have their principles and goals and will continue to work for them where possible. On this I have no doubt. But the election of Boehner similar to what Putin told Merkel, “No matter what you do during the wedding night, the results will be the same anyway.”

  7. Noway says:

    Can’t wait to hear what the former opponents of these two liars have to say about their very first congressional vote!

  8. Three Jack says:

    Another hypocrite.

    From 2/19/14 Daily Beast –

    “The Madison Project is one of a new breed of powerful outside interest groups that endorse conservative Republican candidates in races against either Democrats or fellow Republicans.

    One of those conservative candidates is Georgia State Sen. Barry Loudermilk, who is running in the Republican primary to replace Rep. Phil Gingrey, a Republican congressman running for Georgia’s open Senate seat. Although Gingrey supported Boehner for Speaker, Loudermilk would not. “Barry is going to support someone who supports the Constitution and is going to fight for the Constitution,” Dan McLagan, Loudermilk’s spokesman, told the Daily Beast. “Right now that does not appear to be John Boehner.”

    Wonder what Boehner did since February to prove he ‘supports the Constitution’.

  9. Noway says:

    If you’re disappointed enough, write Barry and ask for your campaign contribution back. And then make that public and make it even more public if he doesn’t return your cash.

    • John Konop says:

      I respect you a lot, and your comments enhance the blog. Barry made a mistake by making an unrealistic promise…..He could die on the sword or figure out a way to be relevant enough to make a difference. As you know he is my congressman, and I supported Pridemore. I have never met with Barry and discussed policy. I am willing to give the guy a break, and see how he performs in his job. I have made the same mistake in my life saying things without thinking through all the facts and or knowing them in business and my personal life. At the end you have to do it what was is right over protecting self pride when you are wrong.

      • Noway says:

        Somehow, John, I don’t see your mistakes, personal or with your business being because you lied. Just as, for instance, Matt the Doc, or Charlie in his columns or any of our other fellow posters, have honor/reputations to uphold, none of us could do that if we lied to our customers. I see your point, but on this instance, I’m gonna have to respectfully take the more unforgiving side.

  10. saltycracker says:

    Boehner and friends pulled the religion card: convert or die.
    Does anyone think Nunn would have been her own Democrat ?
    Folks didn’t spend $4 billion on this election for nothing.
    If it is wrong and it is……how do we change it ? Term limits, better candidates, finance reform, the primary process ?

    • Will Durant says:

      Finance reform should be number 1 but I don’t know which windmill to charge after. I’ve seen a couple of proposals where everyone would get a $100 tax credit to donate to any candidate that pledges to only accept individual donations of no more than $500 each. This doesn’t affect PACs however and though we all know they are totally unaffiliated with a particular candidate, ahem, the Supremes have ruled that the sky is the limit with them. Also out of legislative control are the directorships, consultancies, and other financial opportunities some elected officials obtain when they leave office.

      Of course I want open primaries with top 2 going to the general. Listing the party affiliation on the ballot is fine, incumbent status is not.

      Candidates that don’t lie to get elected? Leopards can’t change their spots. I guess we could ask for educated voters who are willing to elect candidates who tell the truth, but I just don’t see that happening.

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