Congressman Jody Hice Explains His Vote on Leadership Elections

While on the campaign trail in the 10th District, Jody Hice maintained he would not vote for Speaker Boehner when the 114th Congress convened. In a July debate in Watkinsville between Hice and runoff opponent Mike Collins Hice opposed Boehner, according to the Athens Banner Herald::

Collins said he would rather wait and see who would oppose House Speaker John Boehner, who plans to run for reelection in January, before deciding whether to support him.

Hice said he would support “new leadership, and new leadership with a backbone,” over Boehner.

Of course, Hice ended up joining the rest of the Georgia GOP delegation in voting for another term for the Speaker.

Hice issued this statement explaining his vote:

“I am an unabashed and unapologetic conservative who believes that our Leadership in the House of Representatives should be principled and conservative. And during my campaign, I emphasized the need for strong conservative leadership in the House of Representatives.

That is precisely why when the Republican Conference met in November to elect our Leadership for the 114th Congress, I voted against nominating John Boehner to be the Republican nominee for Speaker. I was one of three out of 247 members of the Republican Conference to do so. I felt extremely disappointed that many of my conservative colleagues did not join with me in what was our only opportunity to nominate a conservative to represent us on the Floor in January — who could then marshal 218 votes against Nancy Pelosi.

Instead, a challenge did not occur until 2 days before the election of the next Speaker of the House when gaining 218 votes was not possible. I truly regret that a proper campaign was not waged, with the issues fully debated, that would have allowed a conservative to prevail in November, yet I huddled with fellow conservatives up until 10 minutes before the House was called to order.

Without a pathway to victory, I used what leverage I had to convey my principles directly to the Speaker while receiving his assurance that he would use the strength of our Majority to advance conservative solutions. I also received assurances from other conservative Members I was engaging with that if the Speaker does not fight with us, that they would join me in replacing him this Congress.

Indeed, today is not the final verdict on the Speaker’s leadership or even a vote of confidence. If he does not deliver on his pledge to lead as a conservative, we will displace him.

Now, I look forward to introducing legislation to address our illegal immigration problem, protect our 2nd amendment rights, and eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in federal agencies. I also look forward later this week to voting to put our nation’s veterans back to work, taking real steps toward real American energy independence, and striking a blow to the heart of Obamacare.”


  1. Sonny Clusters says:

    Jody Hice was asked by Tim Bryant in Washington, GA if he would unequivocally vote to replace John Boehner and he answered yes. He was not asked if he would unequivocally dissent against Boehner in a caucus meeting.

  2. Big Tuna says:

    Yawn. Out with the old. In with the…same old. Move along. Nothing to see here.

    Seriously, a 6 paragraph release. Methinks thou doth protest too much. All you had to do was vote Jody. We see who you are now. Thanks for playing.

    “I used what leverage I had…” newsflash. You are a freshman. You have no leverage.

  3. Andrew C. Pope says:

    Jody Hice abandoned his “principles” in the name of political expediency? Color me shocked. I’m not being sarcastic, I actually expected him to be stupid enough to destroy his already limited credibility on the Hill with a vote against Boehner.

  4. ReubenCallie says:

    Jody Hice has always struck me as a man with the right motives at heart. I have known him as my pastor and he has always been above reproach as a spiritual leader. I must admit I was shocked he did not vote against Boehner. But I know the man’s values and I believe in his heart he felt it the right thing to do in the larger scheme of things. I know Washington politics are more complex than at first glance and he really has our best interests at heart by voting the way he did, but…

    Jody, if you read this, maybe on your first time out of the gate and for the record, you should’ve thrown the gloves off and voted against Boehner. It may not play well for your endgame to get more done, but if you destroy the trust of your voter base, you won’t get much done anyway. Please don’t make this mistake again. Always vote your conviction for what your constituents want. Never waiver and God will bless you with success in your endeavors. Don’t listen to the other sell-outs around you. I had many people turn from Collins and vote for you. There are many of us who put our reputations on the line for you. Please vote your convictions only and nothing else.

    • John Konop says:

      Lol….had your voice been the prevailing opinion during the formation of this great country it would of never happened…Lol….I am sure you call yourself a constructional conservative and you do not even understand our history….Lol….the constitution was the great compromise….Lol…please do not let facts get in the way you feel about the issue…..

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        Oh come on. Had your voice been the prevailing opinion during the formation of this great country, we’d still be writing petitions to the British and being ignored, much as Boehner does whenever someone comes up with an idea to reduce the size and scope of our government.

        You all talk a lot of talk about compromise being an American tradition, but you tend to forget that it all started when the colonists finally drew a line and dared the King to cross it. This country was born thanks to people who stopped compromising. Just consider that.

          • seenbetrdayz says:


            Just look at how the vote goes down for Speaker every time. Either you vote for the speaker, or you get put on a sh**list.

            Now, ask yourselves, what is the point of voting, if voting differently means you are hunted down and purged like a Christian running from ISIS?

            No one bothers to ask what John Boehner did to deserve opposition, or what he might do to regain their support. —Noooo. It’s the non-believers’ fault, something must be wrong with them.

            If any of you can justify this process for choosing the Speaker, then there’s not much common ground we are going to find in this discussion.

              • seenbetrdayz says:

                The question you should be asking is, why does a ‘no’ vote even send you into exile?

                It’s not like being House Speaker is John Boehner’s birthright. GOP congressmen should be free to vote for whomever they damn well please without fear of repercussion.

                Either that, or we can stop patting ourselves on the back for being such a great, compromising democracy when in truth, it’s more of a mandatory vote selection. (or else!)

                • John Konop says:

                  ……..The question you should be asking is, why does a ‘no’ vote even send you into exile? ….

                  I deal in reality, I agree it should not put you in exile, but we all know this is the reality, so once again, what would of been gained by a no vote verse being sent to exile?

              • Rick Day says:

                Integrity. He made a promise in order to get elected. And he broke that promise. Why is it when preachers become politicians, they also become lipocrites?

  5. George Chidi says:

    You know … I rather expected Hice to instantly self-destruct too. He may have already. I see no reason why Boehner shouldn’t leave him in the doghouse anyway, assuming he actually voted in the closed and secret caucus meeting as he says he did.

    Really. Did no one see the flim-flam from the freaking talk radio Christian evangelist, doing the Harold Hill bit to the fundamentalist minions of his district? A man who has so little respect for the Constitution to say aloud that American Muslims do not deserve 1st Amendment rights should not have been expected to do … well, anything … that doesn’t advance his own interests.

    Hice is a con man who ran a shady campaign, pandering to the worst impulses of an insane primary electorate. He’s Michele Bachmann out of drag. Expect him to tack to the right. Something inflammatory and stupid will emerge from his face hole in the next couple of weeks — something virulently anti-gay, an ad hominem attack on Obama, something racially offensive about immigrants, an anti-Muslim slur — to win him back to the good graces of his primary supporters.

    • blakeage80 says:

      George, you probably could have done without that last paragraph. Not all of his primary supporters, including myself are bigots. The brush with which you paint is too wide. Besides, if Hice is smart, he’ll lie low for a while.

    • Lee says:

      It must be comforting to maintain the notion that Hice’s supporters are fueled by hate-mongering verbiage. God forbid that they should be people of integrity, substance, action, and unwavering ethics…and principles that triumph in the end. Wouldn’t dat be sceeeawy?

  6. Lee says:

    It sounds like y’all want him to ignore reality, and instead, throw his vote away, like flicking a spit ball into the corner, instead of using his brain for the sake of the only best outcome possible. Let the man do his job and stop badgering him from behind your keyboards in the cheap seats.

  7. Three Jack says:

    Perfect. Many of the Hice sycophants acting shocked, shocked I tell you that the good Christian would lie about his voting intentions in order to secure an election victory. Hice is a hypocrite just like most socons and will continue to disappoint his flock for however long they keep voting him into office.

    • Lee says:

      Hardly. You are speaking of the minority. Those complainers don’t have a clue what goes on 24h before the vote. Legislators are dealing with moving targets that the rest of us don’t see. You might want to consider the fact that the conservatives won the House. Conservatives won the Senate, and the only Republican who stood a chance won as House Speaker, because the realists didn’t throw their votes away in favor of Pe-loser. Hice knew he couldn’t be effective by running around with his eyes closed and pretending the cards didn’t change hands.

      • Three Jack says:


        So you’re claiming ignorance on behalf of Hice as the defense for him breaking a significant campaign promise? It likely won’t be the last time he uses that very real character flaw to cover his misstatements and/or lies.

        Boehner was not a ‘moving target’. Hice knew he would be voting for or against Boehner upon taking office. He stated his opposition to Boehner, the non-moving target many times during the campaign. Yet he changed his mind in his first official vote and basically gave the finger to all those like yourself who fell for his hypocritical BS. At least admit you were punk’d by a candidate who told numerous outright lies in order to get elected.

        • Lee says:

          I wasn’t tricked by anyone. I don’t live in Hice’s district, or state, for that matter. He is a long-time family friend. I can assure you this is not a matter of character. If anything, it occurred (as in past tense) because he had never witnessed the maelstrom behind those closed doors of the committee chambers. BTW, how’d your guy do in the election? Alabama’s doing peachy too…thanks for asking.

          • Three Jack says:

            So again it’s an ignorance plea. Jody Hice had no idea that committee assignments might be used to persuade him to vote for Boehner. Really?

            • Lee says:

              For the sake of argument (only), I’ll give you that, because neither of us can be sure. Answer me this: 24h before the speaker vote, don’t you think JH realized (mathematically)that his vote absolutely would not block Boehner’s election, and so he made the next move he absolutely knew his constituents would want him to had they been in the room with him, and had the current information? Truth is at that point in time, none of them could consult with any of their constituents, and the genuine ones did their best to act on their constituents behalf. The flaw lies with ignorant constituents, who will say in the first town meeting, “ohhhh, my bad, now I get it.”

              • Noway says:

                Lee, Hice and Loudermilk both told their “constituents” that they’d vote against Bohner multiple times during their campaigns. That pledge got them untold numbers of votes. They both should not have given a s**t if this “mathematical” last minute realization (Shazam! says Gomer Pyle!!!) told them that Bohner would be re-elected! Both are confirmed liars as of yesterday afternoon. I was out with friends last night and one of them was monitoring Barry’s Facebook page for reaction to his vote, and not one, at the time I left, supported his decision. All of them, in that brief snapshot, were pissed/horrified at the betrayal. You do what you say (emphatically!!) you’re gonna do. You vote against the guy who’s done absolutely nothing to shrink the size of gov’t and take the conservative side against an out of control gov’t. Barry made the mistake of his young congressional career yesterday. No BS “explanation” can ever fix it.

                • John Konop says:


                  I respect you a lot, and your comments enhance the blog. Barry made a mistake by making an unrealistic promise…..He could die on the sword or figure out a way to be relevant enough to make a difference. As you know he is my congressman, and I supported Pridemore. I have never met with Barry and discussed policy. I am willing to give the guy a break, and see how he performs in his job. I have made the same mistake in my life saying things without thinking through all the facts and or knowing them in business and my personal life. At the end you have to do it what was is right over protecting self pride when you are wrong.

                  • Noway says:

                    Thanks for the sentiment, John. I think you’re in Cherokee, I’m in Bartow, so he’s my guy, too. I have been a fan of Barry’s since he wrote that post-911 letter that has gotten all of the play for years. I agreed with every single syllable. THAT is the kind of guy we need and thought we were going to get in Congress. Again, he might not have like Gomert or the other guy, but he promised us he would NOT vote for Bohner. I wonder how many votes he got off of that promise? I know he was the top vote getter in the primary and even moreso against Barr in the runoff, so he had mojo right from the start. But to me, his act yesterday, is unforgiveable. I read Erick’s words on RedState (I think seminary is getting Erick, all of the puff about forgiveness and second chances was pretty silly…) about this this am, but I will not support him again. Just to be clear, the only support I gave Barry was my vote. But I did so twice, over an experienced candidate like Barr, whose time may have, indeed, passed, but Barr never lied to us about what he was gonna do and was afraid of nothing. I did not give Loudermilk’s campaign any money but had I, I’d be asking for my contribution back this morning. He promised he’d vote for Bohner’s opposition and he lied. I believe that if he’d done what he said, he’d be a new Conservative Hero, on Hannity and Beck and truly carving out a real niche for himself, gaining publicity for The Cause and becoming more powerful in a way that the 435th ranked new congressman never could. The other 25 or so that voted against Bohner will now be recognized for being true to their word. As for them getting s**t committee assignments, who cares. They are still a US Congressman.

              • Three Jack says:

                “24h before the speaker vote, don’t you think JH realized (mathematically)that his vote absolutely would not block Boehner’s election”

                If it took Hice until 24H before the vote to realize his vote would not matter, then again it is an admission of complete ignorance.

                He and Barry both ran on being outsiders. Both claimed on numerous occasions that they would stand against current leadership. Neither did when the light came on. Either they are just plain ignorant or they knowingly told lies in order to gain votes from unsuspecting voters. Both deserve to be called out for their collective ignorance/cowardice.

  8. Al Gray says:

    Jonathan Gruber could not get Obamacare past scrutiny without lying, either.

    Your explanation and excuse sounds eerily like Gruber’s posturing and the Obamaite propaganda after his lies were exposed.

    The Democrats and Grand Old Pharisees will never be differentiated by their aversion to lying.

    The ends justify the means, but it looks tawdry for a preacher to do it…..immediately….first day….no hesitation.

  9. xdog says:

    “Did no one see the flim-flam from the freaking talk radio Christian evangelist”

    You should take a deep breath, George. We in CD10 know Hice didn’t invent whacko politics. After all, we’re coming off eight years of Paul Broun and his loonyness. Broun voted for Allen West for Speaker last year and whether Hice lied or not, he can’t top that. otoh, Broun never felt that Jesus spoke personally to him about governmental concerns so there’s that.

    It’s not like the recent election offered any choices. On the donk side we had an terribly underfunded AA attorney who in his general support for Obama set himself apart from the majority of the district while gopers offered two candidates who were so concerned with not missing the runoff that they never bothered making a case for themselves. You couldn’t tell their views from Hice’s.

    Hice had the population center and the radio show and he won. He’ll win the next time he runs too. He’s young enough he could be US rep for 25 years.

    • Andrew C. Pope says:

      By that math, the 10th will go a whopping 33 years without effective representation in Congress. Maybe we can join up with DC on forming a new state

      • Noway says:

        I’m not sure what you mean by “effective”, Drew. They can always toss his a$$ in two years, which based on the fury at his vote yesterday, seems a possibility.

        • Lea Thrace says:

          He will be right where he is now for at least another decade or two. The voting electorate is somewhat uninformed, has poor short term memory, and is easily swayed by catchy sound bites. It’s how he got in office and it’s how he will stay in office.

          This “fury” will be forgotten in a month let alone another two years. Particularly if his only/major opposition comes from the other party. Then people like you (and that is not a swipe but an identification of party affiliation) will suck it up and vote for him again because you dont like the other party.

          Aint politics grand!

          • Noway says:

            I see your point and 100% disagree. This ain’t going away at all. These clowns’ very first official act was to lie! LOL! He’ll be primaried by someone who will do so on this issue alone. Just as Carter promised to never lie to you and defeated Ford, Hice and Barry just became one-termers.

            • Lea Thrace says:

              I wasnt even born when Carter defeated Ford! I am offended that you think I’m old enough to be around then. 😀

              I hope you’re right about them being held accountable. But I am just jaded enough to believe nothing is going to change and they will still be around 10 years from now.

              • Noway says:

                Now, that is just plain cute!!! Loveeeee it!!!!
                Let’s just say your comments contain the wisdom of someone much older than your 22 years?? LOL!
                And let’s also admit that my age of 53 is showing!!
                Now, let’s sit back and wait. You could be right, of course. But judging by the reaction yesterday, this may reside in people’s mind for quite some time!
                And just for the record – no one is more cynical than me! LOL!

  10. Romegaguy says:

    Do we know if Jody Hice was actually sworn in yesterday or will he continue the tradition of Paul Broun of never being sworn in?

  11. seenbetrdayz says:

    John Boehner begins his Night of the Long Knives campaign against all who politically oppose him:

    After he secured his third term as speaker Tuesday afternoon, losing 25 votes on the House floor to some relatively unknown members of the Republican Conference, Boehner moved swiftly to boot two of the insurgents from the influential Rules Committee. That could be just the start of payback for the speaker’s betrayers, who might see subcommittee chairmanships and other perks fall away in the coming months.

    Read more:

    So this is the system that many of you turn a blind eye to. I really don’t care who the Speaker is, but having one who is able to work with people among whom he isn’t their first choice would be a much-appreciated talent, compared to the actions of the vengeful and arrogant spray-tanned Congressman from Ohio who runs the House as though he were positioning himself for a dictatorial takeover.

    Again, why even bother to vote for House Speaker when the Speaker acts like he has some Divine Right of Kings complex?

    • xdog says:

      If Boehner referred to Gohmert and Yoho as dim, addled, and delusional, would that be blood libel? Cut your rhetoric some slack.

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        Oh FFS. How about speaking up the next time someone starts coming down hard on the opposing congressmen if you suddenly care so much about libel? Hell, they voted their conscience and people labeled them ‘insurgents’ and ‘traitors’ to the GOP simply for casting a vote for a different Speaker. Oh, but no one gave a **** about ‘libel’ then because it wasn’t a convenient excuse to silence dissent. You fail to intimidate me.

        • xdog says:

          Well that’s good since I wasn’t trying to intimidate you.

          But Boehner ain’t Hitler, he hasn’t engineered any murders, and Gohmert and Yoho, whatever their natural tendencies in that direction, aren’t brownshirts.

          In politics you reward your friends and you give your enemies the back of your hand. Stop acting as if this is news to you.

  12. Dave Bearse says:

    No worries. Hice will do the 10th proud on meaningful and tough stick your neck out votes like repealing Obamacare.

  13. Rick Day says:

    preacher>man of God>makes promise for personal gain>breaks promise>lies>liar>sin>sinner>going to hell

    Is that the way it is supposed to work? idk….

    meh, this is what you get when you elect someone based on their piety.

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