WSB: Mercedes Benz US Headquarters Coming to Atlanta Area

Alabama got the plant. Georgia will be getting the headquarters. WSB is reporting the announcement will be tomorrow:

Mercedes-Benz is moving its American headquarters to metro Atlanta.

The automaker could bring about 1,000 new jobs to the region, according to sources working on the deal.

A site for the headquarters building has not been released.

Earlier in the day, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported some of the details:

The German luxury automaker company is said to be in the market for more than 200,000 square feet of office space and has zeroed in on Atlanta’s Central Perimeter business submarket for the relocation, according to a source.

Mercedes’ focus is particularly on sites in Sandy Springs, which while crunched for existing office space, has several large scale developments under consideration, including the “Glenn site” at Georgia 400 and Abernathy and near the UPS headquarters.

We’ve got Porsche.  We’re apparently getting Mercedes.  BMW has a nice plant in SC that could probably use a US HQ nearby.  Then there’s that VW plant up there next to our water in Chattanooga…

Georgien spricht Deutsch.


  1. saltycracker says:

    HQ with An airport that’ll get execs anywhere in hours and within driving distance to plants….metro Atlanta is a good choice….smart folks !

    • androidguybill says:

      Be careful what you wish for. A high profile German (social democracy!) company moving to metro Atlanta will certainly tilt the very influential Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to the left on issues like public transportation, environmentalism, public education, religious liberty etc. I don’t really like the “internationalization” of Atlanta. The $100 million being spent to lure this country would be better served by parceling it out to (for example) Georgia Southern and Valdosta State so we can train our own entrepreneurs and work force to grow our own jobs. Instead, we are doing the opposite by closing Augusta State, SPSU and now Georgia Perimeter.

        • androidguybill says:

          Sorry. “International city” is another code word for “liberal city.” Using incentives to lure foreign companies to TEMPORARILY locate their headquarters is fine (I guess) but the ability to produce our own innovators to create our own companies and industries that will represent Georgia values is better. I would rather have another homegrown Chik-Fil-A than 10 companies moving here from Europe or the northeast. The former likes and supports Georgia the way it is, while the latter will do everything that they can to make their new home more like their last home.

          1000 jobs? Great. I think that $100 million would hire just about that many professors, researchers etc. at Valdosta State, resulting in a kid attending Valdosta State inventing a next generation operating system or some new manufacturing process that would result in a company that hires 10,000 people. That’s how you get an economy like Texas and (for all its problems) California. And it was how Georgia grew during its boom times in the 1980s and 1990s: all those entrepreneurs produced by UGA, Emory, Mercer and Georgia Tech. Back then the idea of bribing companies looking for a tax shelter and lower wages to come here would have been laughable. Now that – along with shutting down some of our better small colleges – is par for the course.

          • blakeage80 says:

            I understand your line of thought here and agree that it would be nice to have more homegrown companies filling Atlanta rather than companies from other places relocating a lot of their workforce, but how many fewer jobs and Georgians would there be if this never happened? Also, Atlanta and ITP already differs from most of the rest of the state in regards to culture and economics. Is that a really bad thing? How do you think Mercedes is going to make Atlanta a worse place? Finally, don’t overlook the fact that they chose to come here from somewhere else. I don’t really think a company chooses a headquarters based on where they can have the most political/cultural influence, do you?

  2. DunwoodyModerate says:

    Also worth noting yet another company apparently choosing it’s location within metro Atlanta based on accessibility to MARTA. Veritiv also announced last month it was relocating it’s headquarters from norcross to sandy springs to be closer to MARTA

    • Dave Bearse says:

      In a few years we’ll be tapped out concerning corporate handouts and they’ll be little undeveloped/lightly developed property near MARTA. No worries though, since a new MARTA line could be operational with expedited handling in only a decade.

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