Time To Gear Up For The Next Georgia Republican Convention Cycle

It’s getting close to that time. Time once again for Republicans across Georgia to go into convention and elect leadership for the next two years and other business. The “other business” will be interesting to watch since the marathon convention adjourned while there was still business upon the table. Leadership-wise, there will be some turnover due to current 2nd Vice Chairman Ron Johnson announcing that he will not be seeking another term and current Secretary Debbie McCord will be seeking the vacant 2nd Vice Chairman post and current Assistant Secretary Kirk Shook will be seeking to move up to the Secretary slot. There will be others who will vie for these positions, but will it be another marathon session?

The state convention will take place in Athens, the same city it did 2 years ago. I’ll be interested to see what resolutions will be offered up, but there will probably be some discontinuity between the convention and our legislature since they will probably adjourn in April. I’m sure that we will see resolutions that condemn President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration and other national issues, but I’m wondering if some there are going to be proposed resolutions that take stances on some of the more controversial topics like cannabis oil for medical use or how to increase funding for our transportation infrastructure…or not.

Anyway, feel free to opine what you think the GAGOP convention cycle will bring us in the comments.